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September/October 2021

NEW Cooperative Revitalizes Missouri River Barge Terminal ... Blencoe, IA

CHS Member Cooperative Adds 1.35 Million Bushels of Steel Storage ... Yuma, CO

Farmers Coop Equity Co. Builds Branch Elevator For Wheat ... St. Leo, KS

FS Grain Adds Grain Dryer, 1 Million Bushels in Two New Tanks ... Amboy, IL

July/August 2021

NEW Cooperative Upgrades With More Grain Storage, Faster Receiving ... Bode, IA

Mercer Landmark Inc. Reworks Storage Depot to Load Full Range of Grain Crops on Trains ... Latty, OH

Meadowland Farmers Elevator Constructs All-Steel Facility ... Westbrook, MN

21st Century Cooperative Replaces Old Wood Elevator With Modern Facilities ... Cumberland, IA

Great Bend CO-OP Association Adds 750,000 Bushels of Jumpform Concrete Storage ... Susank, KS

Crystal Valley Cooperative Expands Feed Capacity ... Vernon Center, MN

May/June 2021

Golden Grain Energy, LLC Adds World's Largest Steel Grain Tank ... Mason City, IA

Premier Cooperative Improves Efficiency With Consolidated Rail Loader ... Dewey, IL

Bellingham Farmers Coop Elevator Co.'s New Tank Adds Flexibility to Store or Move Grain ... Bellingham, MN

Five Star Cooperative Builds New Slipform Concrete Swine Feed Mill ... New Hampton, IA

March/April 2021

Prairie Ag Partners Adds 768,000-Bushel Steel Tank For Growing Volume ... Bancroft, SD

Legacy Cooperative Boosts Flexibility With Two New Upright Concrete Tanks ... Bisbee, ND

United Quality Coop Replaces Section of Its Ross Elevator After Fire ... Ross, ND

Revillo Farmers Elevator Adds Steel Tank As Producers Plant More High-Yield Crops ... Revillo, SD

Pilgrim's Consolidates Two Aging Feed Mills Into One New Facility ... Ranger, GA

January/February 2021

Bay State Milling Adds 1 Million Bushels of Concrete Storage For Specialty Wheat ... Tolleson, AZ

John Marion, Inc. Family-Owned Elevator Expands to Meet Burgeoning Grain Yields ... Britton, MI

Harrison Poultry Phases in New Slipform Concrete Feed Mill ... Crawfordville, GA

November/December 2020

Ludlow Coop Elevator Company Upgrades, Consolidates Grain Storage ... Buckley, IL

Cooperative Producers, Inc. Adds Storage, Automation at Two Rail-loading Terminals ... Red Cloud, Fairmont, NE

CHS Inc. Upgrades Minnesota Rail Terminal For 100-Car Shuttle Trains ... Mahnomen, MN

Arreff Terminals Adds Twin Augers at Port of Norfolk, VA ... Norfolk, VA

Farmers Coop Elevator Co. Boosts Its Shuttle Train Loadout Capacity ... Lidgerwood, ND

Cloud County Coop Elevator Association Builds Four Temporary, One Emergency Storage Bunkers ... Concordia, KS

Scoular Company Invests in Flat, Upright Storage Options For Western Nebraska ... Grant, NE

University of Illinois Builds $20 Million State-of-the-Art Feed Technology Center ... Urbana, IL

September/October 2020

ZFS Ithaca Expands Michigan Growers' Soybean Market Opportunities ... Ithaca, MI

Topflight Grain Co. Expands Corn, Soybean Capacity With Two Separate Projects ... Emery Road, IL

MaxYield Cooperative Upgrades, Adds Storage, and Integrates Automation With Three Projects ... Klemme, Britt, Belmond, IA

Five Star Cooperative Completes a Place to Expand ... Lawler, IA

Farmers Cooperative Adds Three Jumpform Concrete Grain Tanks ... Jansen, NE, Frankfort and Hanover, KS

Butterball Builds Large-Scale Slipform Concrete Feed Mill in Northern Arkansas ... Yellville, AR

July/August 2020

Doon Elevator Adds Third Feed Mill at Single Site ... Doon, IA

MPS Feeds Builds New Feed Mill, Grain Elevator ... St. Henry, OH

Legacy Farmers Cooperative Adds New Automated Bulkweigh Loadout Scale at Terminal ... Fostoria, OH

Morrow County Grain Growers Adds Second Temporary Storage Pile at River Terminal ... Hogue Warner, OR

Sublette Farmers Elevator Co. Adds Single 1.3-Million-Bushel Tank at All-Steel Site ... Sublette, IL

Central Valley Ag Adds Jumpform Concrete Annex Plus Leg to Speed Up Receiving, Truck Line ... Elgin, NE

May/June 2020

Assumption Coop Grain Co. Branch Elevator Upgrade Serves Current, Future Needs ... Westervelt, IL

Mid Kansas Cooperative Squeezes in Three More Concrete Grain Storage Tanks ... Moundridge, KS

March/April 2020

Morrow County Grain Growers Inc. Increases Steel Storage at Barge Terminal ... Boardman, OR

Central Valley Ag Recovers from Storm in Two Phases to Remain Open for Business ... Humphrey, NE

Farmers Coop Elevator Co. Adds Storage, Drying, Scales, and Office/Lab ... Rosholt, SD

NEW Cooperative Builds Upright Concrete Storage, Drying Capacity ... Fort Dodge, IA

January/February 2019

Ellsworth Coop Curbs Too Many Turns With New Jumpform Concrete Tank ... Black Wolf, KS

AgRail Adds a New Pit and Leg for More Flexible Grain Handling ... Bloomington, IL

Matthews Feed & Grain Inc. Adds New Storage Tank, Upgrades Conveyors ... Matthews, IN

Mayport Farmers Co-op Adds Two Concrete Storage Tanks, Grain Handling Capacity ... Mayfield, ND

Sunrise Cooperative Makes Improvements to Train-Loading Branch Elevator Following Merger ... Uniopolis, OH

Evergreen FS Replaces Old Concrete House With Modern Grain Handling Facility ... Holder, IL

Superior Ag Institutes Strict Biosecurity Measures to Build New Feed Mill ... Dale, IN

March/April 2019

Cooperative Farmers Elevator Consolidates Feed Production at Headquarters Site ... Ocheyedan, IA

Central Valley Ag Builds Greenfield Facility Rather Than Renovating Several Older Elevators ... Linn, KS

GRAINLAND Cooperative Reduces Truck Lines, Other Bottlenecks With New Grain Handling Equipment ... Minier, IL

Dakota Mill & Grain, Inc. Leverages Refurbished Short-Line Railroad to Build New Terminal ... Presho, SD

Farmers Coop Elevator Co. Builds First Elevator Across State Line ... Swett, SD

CHS SunPrairie Builds Its Third Rail-Loading Grain Elevator, Features Slipform Concrete Storage ... Lansford, SD

May/June 2019

Famo Feeds Becomes First Family-Owned Mill Named AFIA Feed Facility of the Year ... Freeport, MN

ADM Animal Nutrition Relocates Feed Operations Into Single Concrete Mill ... Quincy, IL

The Delong Co., Inc. Continues Renovation and Expansion ... Waterman, IL

Central Prairie Cooperative Adds Concrete Storage In Response to Limited Space, Flooding Concerns... Partridge, KS

Perryton Equity Exchange Adds 1 Million Bushels of Storage at Southwest Kansas Site ... Hugoton, KS

Ursa Farmers Coop Builds Elevator Away From Nearby River Terminal to Safely Store Grain... Gregory Landing, MO

September/October 2019

Central Valley Ag Adds Nearly 1.5 Million Bushels of Upright Grain Storage at Rail Terminal ... Oakland, NE

Pro Ag Farmer's Cooperative Adds Capacity to Handle Larger Volume Following Merger ... Hoffman, MN

Gold Star FS Inc. Builds Greenfield Elevator in Area Short on Grain Handling Facilities ... Cambridge, IL

Dakota Midland Grain LLC Builds Rail Terminal in Countryside to Serve Long-Haul Producers ... Guthrie, ND

November/December 2019

Central Valley Ag Adds Nearly 1 Million Bushels of Jumpform Concrete Storage ... Glen Elder, KS

Hopkinsville Elevator Co. Inc. Adds Two Steel Tanks for Soft Red Wheat ... Hopkinsville, KY

Coshocton Soy Processing Transforms its Business With Changing Grain Economics ... Coshocton, OH

Ag Valley Cooperative Adds Upright Storage at Elevator Feeding Grain to Nearby Rail Terminal ... Orleans, NE

Encompass Grain & Rail Co-op Adds Steel Tank at Allen Station ... Allen Station, IL

Pilgrim’s Pride Replaces Outdated Feed Mill With Modern 12,000 tpw Slipform Concrete Plant ... Nashville, AR

Alliance Feed, LLC Builds New All-Steel Feed Mill ... Columbia City, IN

United Quality Cooperative Replaces Old Concrete Grain Facility With New One ... Parshall, ND

January/February 2018

Farmers Coop Association Continues to Grow at Its Single Location ... Varna, IL

GrainsConnect Canada Opens First of Four Terminals in Western Canada ... Maymont, SK, Canada

Michigan Agricultural Commodities Inspired to Expand by Higher Rail Rates ... Marlette & Brown City, MI

Total Grain Marketing LLC Builds High-Speed Elevator to Serve Area Farmers ... Fairgrange, IL

Farmers Coop Association Continues to Grow at Its Single Location ... Varna, IL

Spillville Mill Improves Adjacent Elevator in 11 Weeks After Tornado ... Spillville, IA

TopFlight Grain Adds Storage at Elevators Showing Space Deficits ... Bement, Monticello, Atlanta, IL

Delphos Cooperative Association Adds New Million-Bushel Concrete Annex ... Delphos, KS

GrainsConnect Canada Opens First of Four Terminals in Western Canada ... Maymont, SK

March/April 2018

Valley Feed & Seed Inc. Adds Storage to Bring All Its Grain Onsite ... Rock Valley, IA

Alabama Farmers Cooperative Project Uses Up Rest of Space at Barge Terminal... Florence, AL

Innovative Ag Services Boosts Efficiency With New Tanks, Legs ... Alden, IA

Legacy Grain Cooperative Uses Space a Quarter Mile North of Main Elevator ... Moweaqua, IL

United Cooperative Project Improves Handling Capacity, Speed ... Oshkosh, WI

The Equity Adds State-of-the-Art Feed Mill Anticipating More Hogs ... Effingham, IL

Sanderson Farms Named American Feed Industry Association and Feedstuffs Magazine 2017 Feed Facility of the Year ... Collins, MS

May/June 2018

West Central Ag Services Expands Two Sites to Handle Increased Producer Volumes ... Beltrami, MN Ulen, MN

Gerald Grain Center, Inc. Builds Second Rail Terminal With Loop Track ... Delta, OH

Hanenkratt Grain Co. Adds Steel Storage Within Limited Footprint ... Idaville, IN

CHS Erskine Rail Terminal Accommodates Increased Corn Acres ... Erskine, MN

Ludlow Coop Elevator Co. Adds Dedicated Storage For Soybeans ... Paxton, IL

Farmward Cooperative Builds New Elevator Since Old One is Landlocked ... Clements, IL

Le Mars Agri-Center Inc. Extends Storage at Second Location ... Le Mars, IA

July/August 2018

Cooksville Grain Co. Separating Corn, Soybeans to Reduce Truck Wait Time ... Cooksville, IL

Hallock Coop Elevator Co. Builds New Rural Location Five Miles to the South ... Hallock, MN

September/October 2018

Mid-Kansas Cooperative Adds More Upright Concrete Storage for Bigger Crops ... Marquette, KS

Farmers Cooperative Expands at Three Locations as Part of Growth Strategy ... Ruby, NE

Scott Coop Association Adds Elevator in West End of Scott’s Territory ... Scott City, KS

Total Grain Marketing LLC Adds Storage at Two Sites ... Windsor, IL

Ceres Solutions LLP Mill in Michigan Offers Biosecure Feed Products ...Cloud, MI

Countryside Cooperative Reduces Manufacturing Locations to Two With Newest Mill ... Menomonie, WI

Concordia Terminal LLC Goes 1,700 Days Without Recordable Injury... Concordia, KS

November/December 2018

Tremont Coop Grain Co. Adds Third Grain Elevator... Tremont, IL

Reinke Grain Co. Inc. Selects New Steel Tank Built to Withstand Harsh Winter Weather ... Ashton, ID

Farmers Cooperative Replaces Old Flat Storage With First of Planned Series of Upright Concrete Tanks ... Burchard, NE

Kanza Cooperative Association Adds Upright Storage as Crop Yields Rise ... Sedgewick, KS

Crystal Valley Cooperative Addresses Efficient Operations at Branch Elevator ... Trimont, MN

NEW Cooperative Builds Feed Mill in Rowan, IA... Rowan, IA

CP Feeds, LLC. Adds Second Mill to Consolidate Local Market... Wrightstown, WI

Landus Cooperative Builds New Three-Tank Elevator Next to Old Temporary Ring ... Collins, IA

January/February 2017

CHS/Dakota Plains Begins Receiving, Shipping Grain From New Complex ... Gwinner, SD

The Andersons Inc. Replaces Collapsed Welded Steel Tank with Customized Model ... Champaign, IL

New Vision Cooperative Adds Rail Loading Capacity in Limited Space With Jumpform Concrete Silo ... Mountain Lake, MN

Farmers Coop Elevator Co. Adds 1.5-Million-Bushel Steel Annex ... Montevideo, MN

West Plains LLC Refurbishes Port of Brownsville Elevator Near Gulf of Mexico ... Brownsville, TX

March/April 2017

Wayne Farms’ New Feed Mill Uses Dual Batching System ... Ozark, AL

Farmers Cooperative Association Increases Steel Storage for Ninth Consecutive Year ... Varna, IL

Central Valley Ag Adds Steel Annex at Elevator Next to Big Sioux River ... Akron, IA

Two Rivers Cooperative Seeks to Make Branch Elevator a More Attractive for Deliveries ... Monroe, IA

Ag-Land FS Inc.'s New Storage, Receiving, Drying Equipment Improves Efficiency at Elevator ... Green Valley, IL

May/June 2017

NEW Cooperative Invests in Huge New Feed Mill For Current, New Markets ... Pomeroy, IA

Gold Eagle Cooperative Builds a Greenfield Elevator Outside of Town ... Wesley, IA

Farmers Grain & Feed Co. Adds Economical Concrete Storage ... Columbia City, IN

Farmers Cooperative Builds its Second Kansas Rail Terminal ... Frankfort, KS

Milling Journal

4th Quarter 2018

ADM Milling Co. Replaces 1928 Mill With a Modern One ... Enid, OK