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Scoular Company Invests in Flat, Upright Storage Options For Western Nebraska

New 2-million-bushel flat storage building (upper left) and 600,000-bushel steel annex completed at the Scoular Co. facility near Grant, NE.

Scoular Builds 2-Million-Bushel Steel Flat Storage Building, Two 300,000-Bushel Steel Tanks at Grant, NE

Producers will have additional space for storing corn and hard red winter wheat and a new facility for storing soybeans thanks to an expansion of The Scoular Co.’s North Grant loading and receiving facility near Grant, NE.

“This investment will improve the truck lines for producers greatly at Scoular’s North Grant facility,” said Rick Matousek, Scoular’s trade unit manager for western Nebraska. “More storage space means fewer transfer trucks. Traffic will flow the same way, but it will flow more smoothly, and wait times will improve.”

The facility, located about nine miles north of Grant in southwestern Nebraska, also will begin to accept soybeans in addition to corn and wheat.

The expansion illustrates Scoular’s ongoing commitment to farmers in southwestern Nebraska.

The North Grant facility started with one storage building in 2007, with a second built in 2012. The bushels of corn received at the facility have nearly quadrupled over the past 13 years.

'Significant improvements' to North Grant Facility

“Scoular has made significant improvements to the North Grant facility over time to better serve producers,” Matousek says.

Scoular built a 2-million-bushel Sioux Steel flat storage building (180 feet wide by 396 feet long), with 14-foot concrete sidewall and gable-style 12-1/2-oz. polyethylene tarp roof.

New storage also included two 300,000-bushel Sioux Steel corrugated steel tanks (78 feet in diameter by 70 feet tall at the eaves; each with a 5,500-bph Daay sweep) and two truck receiving pits feeding a single Warrior 25,000-bph leg (Tapco buckets) enclosed in a Warrior 14-foot-x-18-foot-x-130-foot tower with switchback stair system.

Two 25,000-bph Warrior drag conveyors feed the two steel tanks, and two Warrior 25,000-bph drag conveyors reclaim grain.

The project was completed in time for the 2020 fall harvest. M & N Millwright, Kearney, NE (308-236-0555), served as contractor and millwright on the project.

The project has increased on-site storage space by 60%, and total truck unloading capacity has improved to more than 70,000 bph facilitywide.

Scoular Company

  • 127+ years old.
  • Headquarters: Omaha, NE.
  • 1,000+ employees.
  • Annual sales: $4.2 billion.
  • Offices: 23.
  • Facilities: 79.
  • Storage capacity: 129 million bushels.
  • Bushels marketed: 1 billion+ bushels.

Ed Zdrojewski

Reprinted from November/December 2020 GRAIN JOURNAL

Two Sioux Steel 300,000-bushel steel tanks are fed by a Warrior 25,000-bph bucket elevator enclosed by a 14-foot-x-18-foot-x-130-foot Warrior support tower with a switchback stair system.

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