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Total Grain Marketing LLC Builds High-Speed Elevator to Serve Area Farmers

Grain company adds three new GSI tanks to improve storage

FAIRGRANGE, Ill. - When Total Grain Marketing LLC (TGM) purchased a 266,000-bushel elevator in 1999 in the tiny crossroads village of Fairgrange, IL (about five miles north of Charleston, IL), the hamlet was destined for bigger things. Or at least a bigger grain elevator.

“The old elevator still has its original receiving pit from around the turn of the 20th century,” says Location Manager Phil Borgman, who came to Fairgrange about a year ago from a John Deere dealership in Jacksonville, IL.

“There are a lot of large-sized farms around this area (Coles and Douglas counties),” Borgman says. “They really needed something bigger.”

That came very quickly after groundbreaking on a new elevator across the country road (217-345-6486) early in the summer of 2016. TGM is a GROWMARK-affiliated cooperative, so the project went to GROWMARK Commercial Construction, Bloomington, IL (309-557-6325).

The first phase of construction in 2016 included the office, truck scale, a 105-foot-diameter tank, 20,000-bph leg, and receiving pit, This was operational for the 2016 harvest.

The second phase of construction in 2017 included a 90-foot-diameter soybean tank, 54-foot-diameter wet tank, 3,500-bph grain dryer, and wet and dry legs. This was completed in time for the 2017 harvest.

Additional contractors that worked on the Fairgrange elevator:

  • Illini Construction Services, Tuscola, IL (800-295-2348), served as millwright.
  • SKS Engineers LLC, Decatur, IL (217-877-2100), performed engineering services.
  • Pals Electric, Teutopolis, IL (217-857-3683), was the electrical contractor.
  • Cross Country Construction, Elbow Lake, MN (218-685-6410), erected the steel tanks.
  • J.L. Dixon Builders Inc., Pana, IL (217-562-5211), constructed the grain dryer.
  • J.B. Esker & Sons Inc., Teutopolis, IL (217-857-6543), supplied and poured the concrete.

Project features three GSI storage tanks

The bulk of the grain storage at Fairgrange consists of three GSI corrugated steel tanks:

  • For dry corn, a 749,497-bushel tank standing 93-1/2 feet tall at the eave, 121 feet tall at the peak, and 105 feet in diameter. This tank is outfitted with outside stiffeners, Sukup flush floor, GSI Agri-Dry grain spreader, four-cable GSI Agri-Dry grain temperature monitoring system, and sidedraw spouts in the front and back. A set of four Chief Caldwell 60-hp centrifugal fans supply 1/7 cfm per bushel of aeration.
  • For dry soybeans, a 543,358-bushel tank stands 90 feet in diameter, 93 feet tall at the eave, and 117 feet tall at the peak. It is outfitted identically to the dry corn tank, except the centrifugal fans delivering 1/7 cfm are rated at 50-hp.
  • Wet grain is stored in a 189,553-bushel tank standing 54 feet in diameter, 93-1/2 feet tall at the eave, and 113 feet tall at the peak. This tank has outside stiffeners, Sukup aeration full floor, and two Caldwell 40-hp centrifugal fans supplying 1/7 cfm per bushel.

Incoming trucks are routed to a Fairbanks 80-foot-x-12-foot Talon HVX c Field Pour truck scale adjacent to the facility office building, where they are weighed and sampled with a Gamet probe. The scale uses automated traffic lights on each end of the scale, with 1605T remote displays and FB2550 indicator. Scale tickets can be printed inside with a Model 295 printer or outside with a Model 220 remote ticket printer.

The scale, installed by Southern Illinois Scale Inc., a Fairbanks-authorized distributor, performed all of the work on the scale, which is being used for beta testing the integration of a Perten FB2550 moisture meter with existing scale automation.

Borgman comments that plans call for the installation of a second scale for outbound traffic.

From the scale, trucks proceed to an enclosed receiving shed and deposit grain into a 1,000-bushel Lowry mechanical receiving pit. The pit feeds grain into a GSI 20,000-bph leg equipped with 4B 20x8 low-profile buckets mounted on a 22-inch Dunlop belt.

The leg deposits grain into a six-hole Schlagel flat bank distributor, which sends grain out to storage via 20,000-bph GSI overhead drag conveyors. After the level of grain falls below the sidedraw spouts, the storage tanks empty onto above-ground 20,000-bph GSI drag conveyors running back to the receiving leg.

The distributor also can send grain via gravity spout to a 5,000-bushel Schuld Bushnell surge tank mounted atop the receiving building. A second reclaim conveyor within the plenum of the 54-foot bin reclaims grain to a 5,000-bph wet leg filling the 3,500-bph Zimmerman dryer.

The propane-fired dryer is set up to empty into a 5,000-bph GSI dry leg carrying grain back to the 105-foot tank. Borgman notes that the 2017 harvest came in dry, so the dryer went unused this year.

More about Total Grain Marketing LLC

  • Effingham, IL • 217-342-9412
  • Founded: 2006
  • Storage capacity: 42 million bushels at 34 locations
  • Number of employees: 129
  • Crops handled: Corn, soybeans, soft red winter wheat, sorghum
  • Services : Grain handling and merchandising, trucking, rail shipping on CN and CSX

Key personnel:

  • Mike Welbourne, grain manager
  • Phil Borgman, location manager
  • Bailey Heddins, outside foreman
  • Kim Holsapple, merchandiser

Suppliers for the project

  • Aeration fans Chief Agri
  • Aeration system • Sukup Mfg. Co.
  • Bearing/motion sensors • 4B Components Ltd.
  • Bin sweeps • Sioux Steel Co.
  • Bucket elevators • GSI
  • Catwalks • GSI
  • Concrete • J.B. Esker & Sons Inc.
  • Contractor • GROWMARK Commercial Construction
  • Conveyors • GSI
  • Distributor • Schlagel Inc.
  • Electrical contractor • Pals Electric
  • Elevator buckets • 4B Components Ltd.
  • Engineering • SKS Engineers LLC
  • Grain dryer • Zimmerman Grain Dryers
  • Grain dryer construction • J.L. Dixon Builders Inc.
  • Grain temp system • GSI AgriDry
  • Level indicators • 4B Components Ltd.
  • Millwright Illini Construction Services
  • Moisture meter • Perten Instruments
  • Moisture meter supplier • Shore Measuring Systems
  • Steel storage • GSI
  • Steel tank erection • Cross Country Construction
  • Tower support system • GSI
  • Truck probe • Gamet Mfg. Co.
  • Truck scale • Fairbanks Scales
  • Truck scale installation • Southern Illinois Scale Inc.

Reprinted from Grain Journal January/February 2018 Issue

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