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Complete systems to accurately monitor industrial equipment for the grain and feed industry. Track bearings, gear boxes, hammermills, belt misalignment, motors, mechanical drives, plugged chutes and more. Shut down rotating equipment before it's damaged. Stay on top of potential problems with full diagnostic functions, sensor failure detection and wireless data sharing. Companies listed here offer a variety of options for most industrial applications. See the comprehensive company list below and be sure to request more information to find the right monitoring equipment for your grain or feed facility.


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AES Automated Electric & Service

Hazard Monitoring

• Inspect and repair exisiting equipment.

• Consult and install new hazard monitoring systems.

• Multiple product offerings in stock.

LeRoy, IL • 309-468-0136


CMC Digital HazMon Systems

• Shaft rotation – bearing temperature – belt alignment – plugged chute.

• Fully integrated, intrinsically safe systems – for large or small facilities.

• Safer operations – avoid costly nuisance alarms.

• Field-proven – over 200,000 sensors installed.

Lenexa, KS • 855-206-5612



• All parts included – sensors, mounting brackets, nuts, and bolts.

• Significantly reduced installation costs.

• Consistent and efficient installation across sites.

• Pre-packaged kits for conveyors, drags, legs, and more.

• Straightforward and convenient to add more machines.

Lenexa, KS • 855-206-5612


Roadmap to HazMon Safety

  • Guidance on OSHA and NFPA Standards.
  • HazMon system safety audits and inspections, and commissioning.
  • Sensor and alarm testing and validation.
  • Installer and operator training.

Lenexa, KS • 855-206-5612


WS2-HM – Next Generation HazMon

  • Works with any PLC/PC or hand-held – no annual license fees.
  • User-friendly navigation and machine graphics.
  • At-a-glance alarm location and condition identification.
  • Accountability and predictive maintenance capability.

Lenexa, KS • 855-206-5612

Conveyor Components Co.

Model BSD Belt Speed Detector

  • A “traction action” motion control that indicates when a conveyor belt has slowed or quit moving altogether.
  • Can be adjusted as an overspeed, underspeed, or zero speed control.
  • Can shut down rotating equipment before damage is encountered.
  • Provides protection for interlocked conveyor belts, especially if one of the belts fails due to overloading or quits due to tearing.

Croswell, MI • 800-233-3233

Conveyor Components Co.

Model CMS Motion Sensing Control

  • Signals underspeed, overspeed, or zero speed field replaceable.
  • Cast aluminum housing.
  • Heavy-duty shaft and bearings.
  • Adjustable time delay.
  • Explosion proof construction is optional.

Croswell, MI • 800-233-3233

Conveyor Components Co.

Model DLC Diaphragm Level Control

  • 2 dry (unpowered) microswitches that activate when material within the bin or chute presses upon the diaphragm face.
  • Can be used as high level switch, a low level switch, or a plugged chute detector.
  • Bronze air vent allows equal pressurization of both sides of the diaphragm.
  • Cast aluminum housing.

Croswell, MI • 800-233-3233

Conveyor Components Co.

Model RMS Non-Contact Motion Control

  • Provides accurate and reliable speed sensing of rotating shafts and machinery.
  • Unit includes a DIN rail mount, 6 ft. of lead wire, and a remote sensor.
  • Signals underspeed or overspeed.
  • NEMA Type 4 polycarbonate enclosure.

Croswell, MI • 800-233-3233

Conveyor Components Co.

Model VA Vertical Belt Alignment Switch

  • Utilizes explosion-proof micro switch that is UL listed and CSA certified.
  • Protects legs from severe damage that may result from misalignment of vertical bucket belts.
  • Gives warning signals and/or can stop the leg.
  • Cast aluminum housing.

Croswell, MI • 800-233-3233

Electro-Sensors, Inc.

4-20 mA or Two-Relay Output Position Monitors

• Absolute encoder-based feedback.

• Simple push-button calibration.

• Retains gate position in the event of power loss.

• Rugged, explosion proof, and NEMA 4X enclosures.

• Multiple mounting options for position feedback on:

> Slide gates.

> Distributor heads.

> Valves.

> Clam shell buckets.

> Gates.

> Screens.

Minnetonka, MN • 800-328-6170

Electro-Sensors, Inc.

Speed Sensors and Switches

Speed Sensors

• (4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC) Analog or (NPN or PNP) Pulse Signal Outputs.

• Single or quadrature (bi-directional) outputs.

• Large gap, non-contact sensing.

• Explosion proof (XP), intrinsically safe (IS), and dust-Ignition-proof (DIP) options.

• No user calibration.

Speed Switches

• Relay output or relay output with additional 4-20 mA output.

• Under speed, over speed, zero speed, or reverse detection.

• Single or multiple setpoints.

• Failsafe operation.

Minnetonka, MN • 800-328-6170

Electro-Sensors, Inc.

Temperature Sensors and Belt Alignment


• 2-wire, loop-powered 4-20mA analog output.

• UL listed, intrinsically safe (I.S.).


• Liquid-tight (LT) conduit fittings.

• FM approved, dust ignition-proof.


• 3-wire, RTD output.

• Intrinsically safe (I.S.).

Rub block door assemblies.

• Standard hinged, adjustable, and uni-strut.

Minnetonka, MN • 800-328-6170

Electro-Sensors, Inc.

Vibration Sensors and Switches

VT420 – 4-20mA output vibration sensor

• Measures 2 in/S RMS.

• NEMA 4X enclosure.

• Optional PM500 process meter display.


• Low-level vibration switch.

• 0.1-2.2 in/S trip-point range.


• High-level vibration switch.

• 2.0-26 in/S trip-point range.

Minnetonka, MN • 800-328-6170

Material Conrol, Inc.

Model 16 Belt Alignment Control

  • Heavy-duty conveyor belt mis-alignment switch.
  • Rugged 3 - 1/8 in. diameter roller with enclosed S.S. ball bearings.
  • Operating temperature range is -40° F to 150°F.

Material Conrol, Inc.

Model 99 Brush Style Conveyor Belt Cleaner

• Motorized brush-style conveyor belt cleaner.

• Powered brush turns in opposite direction of belt in order to throw dislodged material back into discharge stream.

• Brush widths up to 108 in.

Material Conrol, Inc.

Model PC Pull Cord Control

• Rugged safety switch.

• Highly visible red polyester powder coated flag arm for quick identification of actuation.

• General purpose (weatherproof) units and explosion-proof units.

Material Conrol, Inc.

Model SS Safety Stop Control

• Heavy-duty safety control stop switch.

• Housing is cast aluminum.

• UL Listed and CSA Certified.

Process Control Systems, Inc.

MAXIGARD® A5000 Series Zero Speed Switches

  • Complete systems to monitor belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, and other material handling equipment.
  • Prove rotation of critical rotating equipment.
  • Robust design well suited for industrial applications.
  • Five-year warranty.

Chaska, MN • 800-328-0738

Process Control Systems, Inc.

MAXIGARD® A6000 Series Leg Monitors

  • Complete systems to monitor belt speed, belt misalignment, and bearing over temperature of bucket elevators.
  • Modular system can be custom designed for special applications.
  • Individual sensors for each system function.
  • Five-year warranty.

Chaska, MN • 800-328-0738

Process Control Systems, Inc.

MAXIGARD® AM1000/AM2000 Series Adjustable Setpoint Speed Switches

• Complete systems to monitor bucket elevators, belt conveyors, screw conveyors, and other material handling equipment.

• Detects belt slipping and/or other mechanical failures.

• Prevents overloading and downtime.

• Five-year warranty.

Chaska, MN • 800-328-0738

Process Control Systems, Inc.

MAXIGARD® C3000 Series Speed Transmitters

  • Converts shaft RPM to a 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC analog signal.
  • Complete systems include sensor, magnetic disc or collar, and transmitter.
  • Several models with flexible options for most industrial applications.
  • Five-year warranty.

Chaska, MN • 800-328-0738

Rolfes at Boone

BTX Smart Monitor

• Comprehensive, continuous monitoring of bearing temperature, belt alignment, shaft speed, and motor amp draw.

• Nearly unlimited number of sensing points.

• Easily scalable and expandable.

• Continuous diagnostic health check.

• Programmable maintenance alerts.

• Mobile visual monitoring and text notifications.

• Easily adapt to other PLC platforms.

Boone, IA • 800-265-2010

Safegrain, Inc.

EZ521 Shaft Mount Underspeed Detector

  • 10% and 20% slowdown relays.
  • Tachometer pulse output.
  • MODBUS and RS458 options.
  • Status LED indicators.
  • Universal supply voltage.
  • Class II Div. 1 certified.

Dayton, OH • 800-659-8250

Safegrain, Inc.

Hazard Monitoring

  • Applications: Bearings, gear boxes, hammermills, belt misalignment, motors, mechanical drives, etc.
  • Types: RTD, PTC, thermocouple, and temperature switch.
  • Designs: Grease fitting insert and surface mount.

Dayton, OH • 800-659-8250

Safegrain, Inc.

MaxiScan 24+ Hazard Monitoring Controller

  • Provide advanced feature in a small enclosure.
  • Intuitive touch screen with alarming and graphing.
  • Monitors bearing and surface temperatures, belt misalignment, flow, and other sensors.
  • Displays up to 6 pages of 24 sensors each, 144 total.
  • With internet access has built-in text and email alerts.
  • Subscription-free Android and iOS apps.
  • Access data from any web enabled devices.
  • Warnings, alarms, logins, and overrides are automatically logged.

Dayton, OH • 800-659-8250

Tri-States Grain Conditioning, Inc.

MaxiScan 24 Plus Hazard Monitoring Controller

• Displays up to 6 pages of 24 sensors each - 144 total.

• Master alarm, warning and 6 internal assignable output relays.

• Real time sensor and alarm details are displayed on the 7” full color touch screen.

• Remote monitoring on Android, iPhone and IOS mobile devices.

• Real-time graphing.

• Modbus ASCII for PLC connectivity.

• Free tech support.

Spirit Lake, IA • 800-438-8367

4B Components Ltd.

Bearing and Surface Temperature Sensors

  • Screw in positive mount installation and grease zerk for bearing lubrication.
  • Continuous temperature monitoring (RTD or NTC type sensors).
  • Adjustable probe (2 in., 4 in., 8in. lengths) and surface mount versions available.
  • 1/2 in. NPT conduit entry.
  • CSA Class II, Division 1 approved.

Morton, IL • 309-698-5611

4B Components Ltd.

Belt Alignment Sensor

  • Detects belt tracking and misalignment problems on bucket elevators and conveyors.
  • Sensor detects the lateral force of the belt or pulley and activates a voltage free relay contact to alarm or shutdown the machine.
  • Electro-mechanical limit switch with no moving parts.
  • External test functionality and LED indication.
  • CSA Class II, Division 1 approved.

Morton, IL • 309-698-5611

4B Components Ltd.

IE-NODE (Industrial Ethernet Node)

• Class II, Div 1 Groups E, F, and G approved in US and Canada.

• RJ-45 socket supports EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus TCP/IP.

• Sample software available for AB and Siemens PLC’s.

• Up to 16 total sensor inputs: temperature, speed, 4-20mA, digital.

• Fast sensor network scanning.

Morton, IL • 309-698-5611

4B Components Ltd.

Speed Monitoring—M800 Elite

  • Inductive sensor for monitoring shaft underspeed conditions.
  • Universal voltage (24 - 240 VAC/VDC).
  • Magnetic calibration with dual set-points: 10% and 20%.
  • Totally sealed construction: submersible.
  • Can be installed with Whirligig® target/bracket/guard.
  • CSA Class II, Division 1 approved.
  • IP67 protection.

Morton, IL • 309-698-5611

4B Components Ltd.

Whirligig® — Universal Shaft Sensor Mount

• Fully guarded target/bracket/guardfor easy mounting of motion sensors.

• Suitable for all industry standard cylindrical or DIN style inductive sensors.

• Available with 1, 2, 4, or 8 targets.

• Requires 1/2 inch UNC tapped hole in the machines shaft for installation.

• Optional MagCon™ magnetic connector available (150 lbs. pulling force).

Morton, IL • 309-698-5611

Applied Power Products

Lakeville, MN • 888-367-2358

Binful, Inc.

Villard, MN • 320-554-2051

BinMaster Level Controls

Lincoln, NE • 800-278-4241 BinMaster Digital Catalog:

BlueLevel Technologies

Richfield, OH • 330-523-5215


Minneapolis, MN • 763-544-4197

FSS, Inc.

Westfield, IN • 833-221-2979

Premier Components, Inc.

Alma, MI • 877-681-3064

Ross Manufacturing Co.

Brownsville, TN • 800-874-1935


St. Louis, MO • 800-288-2726

TeleSense Inc.

San Jose, CA • 833-472-4600

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