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Ross Manufacturing has been in business since 1956.

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In 1952 D. W. (Dick) Ross retired from the pipe line business in Texas to return to West Tennessee where he was born and raised, because he wanted to become a farmer. In 1956, after seeing the necessity of an on-the-farm feed mill, Ross Manufacturing was founded.

In the early years, D. W. Ross would travel from West Tennessee to Nebraska and all the way to the south and east coasts, to sell and install complete feed mill systems.

He would manufacture the feed mills, and buy the augers and bucket elevators to complete the systems. After fabrication, the employees of Ross Manufacturing would deliver the equipment and then become the millwright.

The 1960's brought augers and bucket elevators into production, and the installation that was done by Ross was then replaced by dealers. There are still feed mills operating that were installed in the early 60s. Chain drag conveyors were added to the product line in the 80s.

Today Ross manufactures a full line of grain handling equipment, feed mills, and accessories.

D. W. Ross passed away in May 1997 at the age of 91. He remained active in the company until three years prior to his death.

Glenda Autry has been with Ross Manufacturing Company since 1980 and is the current owner.

She continues to carry on the Ross philosophy that "we stand behind our workmanship, and strive to build high quality products which are cost effective and easy to install."

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