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Gentle Roll Screener Moves Product Through Non-Vibrating System

EBM Manufacturing, Inc. • 877-370-4948

System cleans and conditions grain in one continuous operation

EBM Manufacturing’s Gentle Roll™ sceener is designed with a rotary drum to sift, scalp, sort, or condition grains in one continuous operation.

According to General Manager Matt Podany, (877-370-4948)), “Unlike other screeners, the Gentle Roll screener gently moves product through a non-vibrating system to economically clear it of foreign material.”

The Gentle Roll screener also is available as a mobile unit. “It’s a trailer-mounted version that provides grain companies the flexibility to use one screener at multiple locations,” he adds.

Here is what some users say about the Gentle Roll screener:

Chance Fiehler | Operations Manager | Kansas State University Kruse Feed Technology Innovation Center | Manhattan, KS

“At Kansas State University, we have three versions of the Gentle Roll screener in our feed technology center. I’ve been using Gentle Roll screeners for the past 10 years.

“My first introduction was in the commercial cattle feed industry where we relied on them heavily as a preconditioning step in our steam flaking operation. These screeners are well built and can handle high-volume flow that will push the capacities of other equipment in the line. Many other screener designs actually can limit the process flow.

“We chose the Gentle Roll screeners because of the low-maintenance, high-volume design. While there are several moving parts on these machines, they are built in a manner that requires very little maintenance. When you do need to change a screen or a brush inside the machine the task can be completed in about 10 to 15 minutes. A similar task on the vibratory separator would take at least three times as long. The machines also are manufactured with safety in mind, as they come equipped with all necessary guarding in place.

“Gentle Roll screeners perform just as their name implies. Grain enters the machine where it is gently rolled over multiple screens of different sizes to remove foreign material from the product. Other machines use vibratory separation which shakes the grain around inside the machine until all unwanted particles are removed. Gentle Roll machines are much safer, because they don’t vibrate, and they sit in a stationary location with all moving parts underneath protective panels.

“We chose to replace our shaker box with a Gentle Roll, because we found the vibratory separator to be a bottleneck in our production line. It cannot achieve an optimal capacity and still produce a quality product in a high-production facility.”

Chris Hinrichsen | Feed Mill Manager | Sunrise Farms | Harris, IA

“The Gentle Roll screeners were here when I started with Sunrise Farms back in 2013. We’ve been using them ever since I’ve been here. With the three-tiered model, we can do about 12,000 bph, and on the five-tiered model, we can do about 15,000 bph. Right now, we have two Gentle Roll screeners.

“One of the reasons we installed these machines was due to some lost corn from poor airflow. When you install the Gentle Roll screener, it removes foreign material and improves airflow in the bin. We haven’t had any issues with airflow or grain quality since we began using EBM equipment.

“What really impresses me about the Gentle Roll screener are the low maintenance requirements. All we have to do every year is grease them when they’re running, and clean them before harvest. We haven’t had to replace a screen on them. We’ve had a couple of door handles that I’ve had to replace, but that’s about it.”

Scott Atwood | Director of Fabrication | Boss Automation | Spearman, TX

“I have been installing and operating EBM’s Gentle Roll screener for X years. I’ve also been involved in the purchasing of these products, and the main reason we chose these screeners over other products in the market is their low maintenance needs and reliability.

“One of the main benefits we’ve seen is that you basically just turn them on and forget about them; nothing ever goes wrong with them. All we do is our monthly scheduled preventive maintenance. Of course, you change screens when you’re changing grains, but that’s about the only time you ever have to do anything with the Gentle Roll screener.”

Ron Seitz | Plant Manager | Hanby Farms, Inc. | Nashport, OH

“We’ve been using the Gentle Roll screener since about July 2012. We chose this particular screener after we saw it in a magazine and researched it online. We also called some companies I knew that had Gentle Roll screeners, and they were happy with the quality.

“It’s been nearly maintenance free to this point. All we do for maintenance is just regular greasing and visual checks. But as far as equipment-wise, we have not done anything in repairs. We’ve made some minor alterations to it just to make our job easier, but that’s it.”

“We actually installed our Gentle Roll on a deer corn line. We were wanting to sift fines and dust. We auger our fines away so that we can run them through our hammermill and use them in other feeds. Basically, we ended up with about zero loss on that line.”

Reprinted from Grain Journal November/December 2018 Issue

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