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Improve handling, protection, and germination with a high-quality seed coating system. Enhance seed establishment and plant performance and protect vulnerable seedlings from fungal diseases. Coaters apply multiple liquids for film coating, or liquids and powder for build-up. Screen for quality control and package the final product. Request more information about seed coating and products from companies listed below.


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Bratney Companies

Cimbria Coating Systems for Seed and Specialty Products

  • Bratney Companies offers complete systems for a variety of applications.
  • Over 11 models of centri-coaters available, custom-fit to almost any production application (from laboratory to full production).
  • Coaters are designed for application of multiple liquids for film coating, or liquids and powder for build-up.
  • Liquid delivery systems available from pre-mix to fully automated.
  • Bratney Companies offers in-house engineering, installation, training, and parts and service.

Des Moines , IA • 800-247-6755

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