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Separators are designed for the efficient removal of light and heavy impurities in any kind of grain and cereal cleaning process in batch or continuous operation. Companies listed offer high-capacity, efficient, and durable separator screeners using a variety of methods from gravity, cylinder, air flow, and magnetic to improve grain and seed quality. Check out the grain and feed manufacturers here and request more information using the form available below.


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Cimbria Heid Gravity Tables

  • Density separation of light particles such as diseased, insect damage, and mechanical from good heavy particles.
  • Laboratory to large scale systems.
  • Available with recirculating cyclofan air system to minimize dust system needs.
  • Balanced system for low dynamic loading and structural design.
  • Fully automated system with plant PLC available upon request.
  • Product testing available.

Des Moines , IA • 800-247-6755


Cimbria Heid Indent Cylinder

  • High capacity length separator for long and short separations - up to 16 ton per cylinder – reduces number of units required saving floor space, spouting and electrical.
  • Precision machined parts for superior sizing accuracy.
  • Heavy gauge design for long life and around the clock operation.
  • Fully automated system with plant PLC available upon request.
  • Quick clean-out features.
  • Product testing available.

Des Moines , IA • 800-247-6755

Buhler Inc.


b• Compact grain cleaner with a high throughput, processing up to 100 tons per hour of grain.

• Free-standing unit or suspended from the ceiling.

• Wide choice of machine applications and screens.

• Save up to 50% of energy consumption.

• Designed to easily change wear parts.

Stockton, CA • 209-983-8400

Crippen Northland Superior Supply Co.

Gravity Separator

  • Urethane coated overcovers, custom eccentric amplitude, and refined air control systems produce unequaled capacities per square foot of deck area.
  • Tapered riffle design, bottom purging cutout gates, and more aggressive deck overcovers allow operators to achieve fraction purities second to none.
  • Backwardly included fan configuration and precisely regulated air system create a more even air distribution plus the maximum amount of cfm per hp requirement at a substantially lower noise level.

Winnipeg, MB • 204-925-6141

Profile Industries Inc

No Risk Just Rewards

  • Reduce clean-out 5-15%.
  • 20% time savings.
  • Increase in Profits
  • Turnkey solutions.
  • Easy installation.
  • Long lasting durability.
  • Heavy-duty construction manufactured with welded galvanized steel cores.
  • Thorough separation.
  • Four separating turns to ensure effectiveness.

Rogers, MN • 763-428-5858

Profile Industries Inc

Rotary Sorters

  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Increase seed value.
  • Maximizing your current equipment.
  • Eliminating down time.
  • Capacity 10-1000 bph.
  • Available in 1,2, and 4 core units.
  • Seed types: soybeans, corn, canola, mustard, wheat, alfalfa, peas, brassica, and more.
  • Free lab testing
  • In-stock, ready to ship.

Rogers, MN • 763-428-5858

Bjerke Brothers, Inc.

Buxton, ND • 701-847-3125

Buhler Inc.

Minneapolis, MN • 763-847-9900


Newton, KS • 800-835-2526


Erie, PA • 814-835-6000

Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Boyne City, MI • 888-582-0821

Innovative Magnetics

Amherst, NH • 603-598-8300

Puritan Magnetics, Inc.

Oxford, MI • 248-628-3808

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