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Heavy-duty blowers wherever airflow is needed for exhausting, aspirating, cooling, ventilating, conveying, and more at grain and feed industry facilities. Blowers feature seals and bearings built for long life and no oil leaks. Intake and discharge silencers available. Be sure to request more blower information from the companies listed below.


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Blower Engineering, Inc.

Heavy-Duty High Efficiency Positive Displacement Blowers

  • Requires less horsepower to produce same performance as current blowers.
  • Non-contacting oil and air seals for long life and no oil leaks.
  • Detachable feet for application flexibility.
  • Design and manufacture intake and discharge blower silencers.
  • Complete blower packages designed for milling applications.

Liberty, NC • 800-388-1339

Blower Engineering, Inc.

Tri-Lobe® Blower

  • Requires less HP to produce same performance as current blowers.
  • Reduced pulsations and sound pressure levels.
  • Identical dimension, physical appearance, and same performance as our existing two-lobe blowers facilitates direct bolt changeover.
  • Non-contacting oil and air seal for long life with no oil leaks.
  • Detachable feet for application flexibility.

Liberty, NC • 800-388-1339

Kice Industries, Inc.

Air Power Units

• Available for vacuum and positive pressure applications.

• Heavy-duty frames, sanitary design.

• Your choice of motor and pump brand—new Kice PD Blower now available.

• We’ll match your application.

Wichita, KS • 316-744-7151

Walinga USA Inc.

Walinga Heavy-Duty PD Blowers

  • Precision machined cast iron housing.
  • Heavy-duty seals and bearings.
  • Two lobe configuration.
  • Easily adaptable to most OEM applications.
  • Complete blower packages available.

Wayland, MI • 800-466-1197

Honeyville Metal Inc.

Topeka, IN • 800-593-8377

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