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Case Study
Kansas Coop Sticks with Delux Dryer Based on Long-term Performance

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Case Study - Longevity Breeds Loyalty

After 35 years of service, managers at McCune Farmers Union Coop Association, a single-location operation at McCune, KS (620-632-4226), were ready to replace their 1,800-bph Delux tower dryer.

Based on the length of that performance, says General Manager Russ Smith, there was no question about replacing the old grain dryer with another from Delux Mfg. Co., Kearney, NE (308-237-2274).

The installation of the replacement took place in the spring of 2017 in plenty of time for the rapidly approaching wheat harvest. While harsh spring weather and disease had ravaged the crop elsewhere in the state, Smith was expecting an average crop in southeast Kansas, about 75% of the 2016 record yield.

The new Delux Model DPX 16GT210120 tower dryer has a slightly higher capacity than the old dryer, 2,100 bph at five points of moisture removal. Importantly, Smith notes, most of the old foundation was able to be reused for the new model, since space was limited at the 1.25-million-bushel elevator.


While the new propane-fired dryer had not yet been tried out when Grain Journal visited in mid-May, Smith had high expectations for improved efficiency and easy operation. Among the dryer’s features:

• MoistureLink G2 control panel with remote viewing/control and text and email message notifications.

• Standard grain turners provide lower drying costs and preserve grain quality.

• Delux StayKleen system keeps the heat deck and cooling floor of the dryer clean.

• Dry grain chain conveyor provides gentle unload with prolonged life.

• A unique Delux vacuum cooling system is said to be 30-50% more efficient than conventional drying while preserving grain quality.

• The liquid propane vaporizer is located away from the burner flame and requires no user adjustment.

• The dryer’s Nova burner maximizes energy efficiency through the proper fuel-to-air ratio.

Frisbie Construction Co. Inc., Gypsum, KS (785-536-4288), installed the new Delux dryer at McCune Farmers.

Reprinted from GRAIN JOURNAL May/June 2017 Issue

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