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Safety Made Simple to Release New Online Safety Courses in 2021

Safety Made Simple, Inc., of Olathe, KS, will release several new online safety courses in 2021.

According to Joe Mlynek, of Safety Made Simple, “we are pleased to announce development of a wide range of courses for the upcoming year. Many of the courses are based on feedback received from our clients and safety experts throughout the industry.”

The tentative course development plan includes courses on the following subjects:

  • Grain Handling Maintenance (bucket elevators, dust collectors, conveyors)
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Scaffolding
  • Personal Protective Equipment (head, foot, hand, and body protection)
  • Particulate Respirators and Face Coverings
  • Food Safety (personal hygiene, employee illness reporting, food defense plans)
  • Driver Safety (hours of service)
  • Working at Heights (fall arrest and restraint)
  • Hazardous Grain Conditions (grain bin entry)
  • Retail Ag (implements of husbandry)

According to Mlynek, “Our experienced group of subject matter experts has developed an outstanding online safety training curriculum.

"Since August of 2014 we have released over 120 online courses relating to grain handling, agronomy, food safety, driver safety, livestock handling, and human resource development.

"We also offer a robust learning management system (LMS) and options for our SCORM compliant courses to be easily integrated into an existing LMS.

"Each course establishes three to four key learning objectives and uses real life, industry-specific case studies to improve employee retention.

"The LMS allows an administrator to easily assign, track, and generate a wide range of reports. Courses are also available in English and Spanish.

A “Course Builder” tool, which allows clients to build their own courses, is also available within the LMS.

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