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Get to Know Your Grain Industry Suppliers for July/August 2020 - Part 1

Grain industry suppliers work hard to make sure you have the right equipment and services to keep your facility running at its best.

In the July/August 2020 Grain Journal Magazine, we ask industry leaders to share a little bit about themselves.

Where do they like to eat while traveling? What's their favorite vacation getaway? What are their hobbies?

You can get to know these grain industry suppliers by clicking below or, for a full-screen version, click here → Get to Know Your Grain Industry Suppliers for July/August 2020 - Part 1

Want to know more about their companies? Click on the links below. →

Kyle Workman

White Oil Market Specialist

Hawkins Bailey Warehouse Inc.

Michael Todd Hinton

Director of Sales and Marketing


Steve Duit

Central Regional Rep.

Superior Grain Equipment

Mike Sali


Maljohn Plastics

Jordan O'Brien

Commercial Steel Building Sales Rep.

Sukup Manufacturing Co.

Justin Hofstetter

Integrated Services Manager


Marcus Neal

Market Sector Leader


Tom Brackett Sr.


T.W. Bracket & Associates

Shore Measuring Systems LLC

Cheryl Lansik

Director of Sales


Andy Heck


Edward J. Heck & Sons Co.

Bob Reis

General Manager

AGI CMC Industrial Electronics