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Safe-Grain Radar Track Provide Level Readings Accurately, In Real Time

Safegrain, Inc. • 800-659-8250

System greatly improves grain bin safety

Safe-Grain, Inc.’s RadarTrack™ continuous level monitoring system is designed to provide real-time fill level information in concrete silos or steel bins.

According to President Scott Chant (800-659-8250), “RadarTrack continuously updates grain level information without dependency on the mechanical cycle time of a yo-yo or plumb bob system.

“The system provides accurate, real-time readings that improve safety by eliminating the need for personnel to go onto silo or bin roofs to monitor fill,” says Chant.

Here is what some users say about the Safe-Grain RadarTrack continuous level monitoring system:

Tracie Brunson | Maintenance Supervisor | Central States Enterprises | Montpelier, IN

“We’ve had the Safe-Grain RadarTrack installed for five months. We’ve used various other level monitors in our surge bin for loading railcars and trucks, and none of them held up or worked well.

“It’s been performing flawlessly, so we bought another one for another bin, and we plan on buying some more. It’s the best level indicator we’ve ever used. There are no cables, and it sends feedback to my computer, so I’m getting information in real time.

“As far as I can tell, it’s very accurate. It was really easy to set up, and you can set it for various bin depths. We’ve set it for low and high, and it seems to be pretty spot on. And we haven’t had any maintenance issues to date.”

Dave McIntosh | Location Manager | Heritage Cooperative | Marysville, OH

“We’ve been using the RadarTrack level monitoring system for a couple of years now at our Marysville location.

“It does a good job for us. We were a little bit leery in the beginning because of dust. Obviously, there’s a lot of dust when you’re moving at high speeds. But it seems to be really accurate.

“The way we are hooked up with our bin temperature monitoring and level indicators, we do the readings all at once. Then we have a main computer here in the office that we can access remotely to view all of the readings. The temperature and level information is emailed to me every morning. Even on weekends or when we’re not open, I can see everything.

“We haven’t had any issues with the product. Ever since we got it set up through Safe-Grain and our IT department, it’s been great. All we have to do is reboot the system every so often like any other computer. That’s really all the maintenance we have to do with it.

“I like the RadarTrack because when we’re loading rail, we know how much we have in our upper garner. So, as we get close to the end of the train, we can pull down, and we don’t have a bunch of grain left in the upper garner. As we get close to the end, we’re able to monitor it right through and keep about a 15-feet cushion in there to keep it from beating against concrete all the time. With just the click of a button, we can see where the level is instantly, and that’s probably what I like the most about the RadarTrack system.

“I really recommend it for spacing or loadout situations at high speed. For us, we’re running about 90,000 bph through there, so we’re loading a car in three minutes. It’s nice to know where you are instantly.”

Chris Martin | Maintenance Electrician | Farmers Grain Company | Hunter, OK

“We installed the RadarTrack at our facility about three years ago when we were putting in an outside leg on an old elevator and filling some 300,000 bushel bins. For a 15,000-bph leg, we needed something that would monitor the inside of smaller 20,000 bushel silos.

“The RadarTrack works great. We haven’t had any issues with it. It has a little screen, and we like how accurate it is. It reads through the dust, and it comes up with a reading very quickly.

“It’s also pretty simple to operate, and you can download the programming if you want to change the readout on the remote unit. It’s very simple to reprogram, and it was easy to install.”

Reprinted from Grain Journal May/June 2019 Issue

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