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Workmaster Wellman Bulk Trailer Hopper Opener Improves Safety, Productivity

Airmatic • 215-333-5600

Mobile unit eliminates repetitive motion injuries

The Workmaster® Wellman bulk trailer hopper openers were introduced in July 2017 to help eliminate safety and productivity problems with the dangerous, dirty, and slow job of unloading grain trailers.

Distributed by Airmatic Inc., Workmaster’s bulk trailer hopper openers are ergonomically designed for maximum operator safety and to eliminate repetitive motion injuries caused by hand-pull tools.

According to Airmatic Sales Director Bob Braun (800-332-9770), “The Wellman trailer trap opener features efficient, explosion-proof electric over hydraulic power design, and the high and low torque design allows for opening traps in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications. It also offers significant time savings during high-volume and peak load times.”

Here is what some users say about the Workmaster Wellman bulk trailer hopper opener:

Greg Oberle | Terminal Manager | CHS Inc. | Savage, MN

“We have owned a Workmaster Wellman bulk trailer hopper opener for about a year and a half. We have a mobile version, so we can move in and out of our receiving pits.

“We purchased this product because there is nothing like it on the market. There are some handheld models out there, but this unit is the real deal. It speeds up our unloading process, but it’s more than that. Anyone who has their people opening truck hoppers, there’s a risk for injury. This machine really minimizes the risk. Efficiency and injury risk minimization in one product – now that’s a powerful combination.

“Also, the machine is very well built. It’s quiet and easily maneuverable in and out of the receiving area, so we can move it from pit to pit depending on what we’re doing.

“There are just so many positives about it: It’s well built, everything is rated for our classified area, and it has explosion-proof motors. John Wellman really did his homework.”

Trevor Keating | Safety Director | Prairie Ag Partners | Lake Preston, SD

“We got our Workmaster Wellman bulk trailer hopper in 2017 after I met the creator, John Wellman, at a trade show.

“One of the reasons we really like it is its portability – it’s not a bolt-down machine that stays at the same receiving pit. We have multiple locations with more than one receiving pit, so we’re able to share one machine amongst our elevators, depending on which location is busy at the time.

“It works really well. There have been only two or three trailers that it could not open, but that’s because the traps were either neglected or damaged. Overall, we are very pleased.

“Additionally, it’s been maintenance free. All we do before each season is grease a few bearings and check the oil.

“We like the product because it offers both safety and efficiency. It causes less stress because you don’t have an employee on the end of a crank using his back and his arms. It also prevents employee fatigue. If we’re running long hours, one employee can handle that spot all day. That makes dumping grain more efficient and lessens the chance of injury.”

Joe Gullickson | Operations Manager | Walsh Grain Terminal | Park River, ND

“We’ve had the Workmaster Wellman bulk trailer hopper opener for a little more than a year now. We decided to purchase the mobile model because it was the easiest to use, and it eliminated all the awkward bending. It takes the work out of unloading trailers, basically.

“The trailers we work with are just about as awkward as you can get – the angle, the height, everything. It’s a grueling job, especially in cold and ice. This machine just makes it so much easier – it takes the work out of it.

“Our unit is very nice, and it performs really well. We haven’t touched it as far as maintenance goes.

“What we like most about it is you don’t really have to lift anything. It has a tensioner that kind of holds it up for you. Then, all you have to do is pull a lever. It has wheels, so we slide it back and forth. Also, it has several sockets for the ends of different trailers. That’s a pretty nice touch.”

Reprinted from GRAIN JOURNAL March/April 2019 Issue

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