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Enclosed Belt Conveyors Feature Built-In Self-Aligning Characteristics

AGI Hi Roller • 800-328-1785 AGI • 800-328-1785

Conveyor is totally enclosed, dust-tight, and self-reloading

Ag Growth International (AGI) Hi Roller® has been designing and manufacturing its line of enclosed belt conveyors since it was founded in 1982.

According to Sales Manager Mike Spillum (800-328-1785), “The Hi Roller enclosed belt conveyor is designed with a unique bell-shaped carrying idler that provides the trough for the belt and utilizes two externally isolated bearings. The idler has built-on self-aligning characteristics for both single and bi-directional conveyors.

“The Hi Life® enclosed belt conveyor is the heaviest duty, highest capacity, and longest life enclosed belt conveyor available,” says Spillum. “Resembling a conventional conveyor idler, the Hi Life idler is much thicker, the bearings are much larger, and there are no brackets or bearings exposed to the internal atmosphere of the conveyor housing.”

Here is what some users say about the Hi Roller line of enclosed belt conveyors:

Trey Barger | Manager Trainee | Ray Carroll County Grain Growers | Richmond, MO

“We have several Hi Roller conveyors in our facility and across the company. We have one Hi Life belt conveyor and several of the standard Hi Roller enclosed belt conveyors. Our company has been using them for about 10 years.

“One of the driving forces behind our decision to go with Hi Roller over other products on the market is their staff. When you’re pricing conveyors for a project, some companies take two to three weeks just to get you a quote, or they might be so far out on production that it’s not something we can consider. On the other hand, Hi Roller is just able to deliver a very quick turnaround on quotes and products. That’s a huge consideration when you’re dealing with vendors, so it’s something we really appreciate about them.

“Of course, the products are great as well. Hi-Roller conveyors are sleek, well-built, and deliver speed and durability. They run very well for us.”

Jamie Mattson | Operations Manager | James Valley Grain LLC | Oakes, ND

“At James Valley Grain, we have both the standard Hi Roller conveyor and Hi Life belt conveyor, and we have a tripper, too. We have a small conveyor, which handles 20,000 bph, up to the larger models that can handle 80,000 bph.

“We’ve been using Hi Roller products for about 18 years, so we have a lot of experience with them. We’ve used one other brand since then, and I can tell you we won’t use anything other than Hi Roller going forward.

“Hi Roller conveyors have an unmistakeable quality to them. In some cases, we can even run our conveyors past their rated capacities. For example, we have a 60,000 bph reclaim that we have pushed a lot higher than 60 without any problems.

“Also, we have developed a very good relationship with Hi Roller over the years. If we do have an issue or something goes wrong, I’ve had guys meet me halfway between Sioux Falls, SD and Oakes, ND to give us the parts we needed. We’ve hardly had any issues with Hi Roller products. On the rare occasions where we have had a problem, we just call them and they take care of us.”

Derek Sandmann | Operations Manager | Concordia Terminal LLC | Concordia, KS

“At our facility here in Concordia, KS, we have more than 20 Hi Roller conveyors, both the standard model and the Hi Life models that range from 36- to 48-inch widths. Some of the conveyors have been here since the facility was converted to a terminal in 1999.

“Through the years, we have continued to expand our facilities, and with each phase, we continue to add Hi Roller conveyors.

“The reason we continually choose Hi Roller over other conveyors is because we like the design of the conveyors and the excellent customer service that we’ve received over the years.

“The Hi Roller conveyors have consistently performed well throughout our facility. We’ve also found that maintenance and repairs on Hi Roller conveyors are easier than with other belt conveyors we’ve used in the past. Hi Roller conveyors have inspection doors and access when maintenance is needed, which is very convenient. Any time we have had any issue with the conveyors, Hi Roller has done an excellent job of working with us to find a solution. They really take pride in their product and service, and it shows.”

Reprinted from GRAIN JOURNAL January/February 2019 Issue

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