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Grain Merchant Certification Program Provides Grain Merchandising Training

White Commercial Corporation • 888-546-9555

Programs range from entry-level to advanced professional development courses

Maintaining a knowledgeable and skilled workforce is an ongoing challenge for today’s grain companies.

“It’s difficult to find people with the specialized skills it takes to operate a successful grain business,” says Sherry Lorton, director of education at White Commercial Corp. (WCC).

“You can’t hire people right out of college, from a different field, or even promote within your company and expect them to fit into the job at the grain elevator without some additional training,” she adds.

That’s where Lorton says White Commercial’s Grain Merchant Certification Program can help.
“Our educational programs are unique in that they are specific to the business side of grain merchandising,” she explains.

The programs range from training for entry-level employees to advanced professional development certifications for administrative and management personnel.

Lorton says, “many of the courses are delivered online, are self-paced, and can be taken anytime that fits the student’s schedule.”

Participants can focus training on a specific career path with full certification acquired upon completion of a multi-course program, or they can choose individual courses as needed to train in a single area.

From November/December 2017 GRAIN JOURNAL

Courses address a wide range of skills including:

  • Basis trading
  • Futures execution
  • Spread management
  • Grain accounting
  • Grain financing
  • Risk management
  • Farm marketing
  • Farmer communications
  • Basis trading administration

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