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Variable Automation and Manufacturing Variable Frequency Drives Provide Protection Against Motor Overload

Variable Automation & Manufacturing • 877-827-2434

Variable Automation and Manufacturing provides variable frequency drives for a number of applications in the grain industry

For the past five years, Variable Automation and Manufacturing has supplied variable frequency drives (VFDs) for a number of applications in the grain industry.

According to Owner Chad Wolfensperger, VFDs provide protection against motor overload and overheat, phase loss, and ground fault and are also easy to install with preset parameters.

“Variable frequency drives have been around since the 1970s, and they continue to improve to provide more automation for more applications, including in ag operations,” Wolfensperger says. “VFDs are available in sizes ranging from one-quarter horsepower up to over 7,500 horsepower, so there’s a VFD for virtually any application.”

Extending Motor and Equipment Life

“VFDs ramp to speed which reduces mechanical and electrical stress and extends motor and equipment life,” he explains. “ This also reduces the initial startup current compared to across-the-line motor starters.

From May/June 2017 GRAIN JOURNAL

Product Features

  • Speed control to match other equipment and process control for starts and stops.
  • On-off and varied control of pumps and fans.
  • Measuring accurate speeds, different set speeds, or varied speeds.
  • Adjust motor speed manually or automatically.
  • Reduce startup current without torque loss.
  • Reduce power consumption.
  • Phase conversion from single to three-phase.
  • Several stop and start cycles per minute.

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