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Lightweight Trailer Stabilizer With High Load Capacity

Aldon Company, Inc. • 847-623-8800

Adjusting trailer to stabilizer height means no screw rusting

Aldon Company, a manufacturer of rail and truck dock safety products, has introduced a new type of trailer stabilizer jack – the GUARDIAN™ trailer stabilizer.

The company calls the new jack “a radical departure” from conventional ratchet screw stabilizers.

“Most semi-trailers dropped off at loading docks stand about 45 inches from the nose to the ground, and shippers rarely need to adjust the nose heights,” says Aldon President Joe Ornig.

“The exception is perhaps to free jacks stuck under a heavy load, but even then the adjustment is no more than an inch at most.”

Easy to Use

“Instead of adjusting the stabilizer to the height of the trailer, shippers can use the landing leg handle to adjust the trailer to the GUARDIAN stabilizer. In low gear, a worker can easily crank the nose up or down one inch in less than a minute,” adds Ornig.

“The result is a stabilizer of high load capacity and extremely lightweight, with no screw to rust or jam.”

From November/December 2017 GRAIN JOURNAL

Product Features

  • 75,000-lb. proven working load limit.
  • Fixed 45-inch height. Workers raise the landing leg height as needed.
  • No maintenance, no parts to replace, and powercoat finish.
  • Made in the United States with 100% American made components.

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