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Stockpile Reports Automates Temporary Storage Pile Measurements

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Software provides accurate, validated inventory data

BinMaster is now offering Stockpile Reports®, a software subscription service that automates temporary storage pile measurements using pictures from an iPhone, plane, or drone.

According to Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Scott Hudson, “As use of grain piles continues to grow, now there’s a reliable way to measure the volume, tonnage, and condition of grain in those piles. We send a technician to fly the drone, upload images, and display the information on a dashboard within 6 to 8 hours.”

Validated Inventory

“This software allows users to track pile inventory on a weekly, monthly, or even daily basis, and provides accurate, validated inventory to reduce/eliminate inventory write offs,” he adds. “We are offering $99 trials, including the drone flight and up to five piles with a full report.”

Reprinted from Grain Journal September/October 2018 Issue

Temporary Storage Measurement Software Features

  • Measures volume and tonnage in untarped piles using images from an iPhone, plane, or drone.
  • Subscription covers five-pile increments from five to 500 piles.
  • Dashboard with display can be accessed from a tablet, phone, or desktop computer.
  • Advanced processing system is driven by three patents that drive 10 automated sensing features and deliver eight key metrics for every stockpile.

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