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Low-Profile Elevator Bucket Helps Operators Maximize Output of Elevators

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CCLP buckets increase capacity and improve efficiency

In late 2018, Tapco introduced its newest low-profile bucket, the CCLP HD.

According to Sales Manager Terry Geraghty, the CCLP HD is the first major improvement in the company’s popular CC bucket design that was first introduced in 1972.

“We’ve added more molded sizes to our lineup of patented CC buckets,” he says, “so elevator operators can maximize the output of their bucket elevators.”

Improved Efficiency

“Our new, patented CCLP buckets have shorter back height and a lower profile,” explains Geraghty, “but because they can be placed closer together, rather than losing capacity, it is significantly increased to improve efficiency.

“The ears help keep material in the bucket, so the CCLP improves efficiency without spillage,” he adds. “Application, performance, discharge, and all the other characteristics of our low-profile CC buckets are unchanged.”

Reprinted from GRAIN JOURNAL May/June 2020 Issue

Product Features

  • Twelve sizes from 12x7 to 20x8.
  • Made of non-corrosive, high-density polyethylene – a tough, flexible, non-sparking material that creates less product damage.
  • All sizes also available in super-tough nylon and high-abrasion-resistant urethane.
  • Ears help prevent spillage, retaining the lost 5% water level comparison.
  • Fits on standard and/or low-profile spacing.
  • Low profile for closer spacing improves efficiency.
  • CCLP XD (Xtreme Duty) elevator bucket-style also available.

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