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Sukup Provides Hopper Building to Improve Loadout Safety and Maximize Space

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Hopper building controls dust and eliminates leaks

This article is taken from the July/August 2020 GRAIN JOURNAL

Founded in 1963, Sukup Manufacturing Co. is a family-owned and -operated manufacturer of grain storage and handling equipment, as well as grain dryers and steel buildings.

In 2015, the company introduced a hopper steel building to improve loadout safety and maximize space at the job site.

According to Commercial Steel Building Sales Representative Jordan O’Brien, “The hopper steel building is designed with a floor system that supports the hopper bin, eliminating the hopper structure below. Rail cars and trucks can drive straight in without risk of running into the structure, making loadout faster and easier.”

Perfect Seal

“We offer a smooth ring on the second ring from the bottom that’s used to tie the roof curb onto the hopper bin,” says O’Brien, “giving it a perfect seal and eliminating leaks while also fully utilizing the space onsite.”

Product Features

  • Placing the structure above the hopper bin improves safety and facilitates easier loadout.
  • Panels and trim are available in 12 colors.
  • Warranties include one year on the structure, 40 years on adhesion, and a 30-year fade warranty on all panels.
  • The hopper system is supported and sealed by the building, controlling dust and eliminating leaks.

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