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Self-Cleaning Boot Addresses Cross Contamination

Warrior Mfg., LLC • 320-587-5505

Warrior Mfg. boot works with variety of pulleys

Warrior Mfg. in February 2017 introduced a self-cleaning bucket elevator boot which is designed to address cross contamination and is used primarily in feed mills that receive a variety of products.

“The bottom of the self-cleaning boot is rounded to coincide with the pulley and pick up leftover material before new product is received in the mill,” explains District Manager Ray Vrtiska.

“Because most bucket elevators are square on the bottom, there’s a greater risk of cross contamination of products. With our self-cleaning boot, you can lower the cups to minimize leftover material and the potential for cross contamination.”

Works With Multiple Pulleys

“Our self-cleaning boot works with a variety of sizes and types of pulleys, including wing pulleys, spiral wing pulleys, and chevron pulleys,” he adds. “As these pulleys increase in diameter, they’re more resistant and provide better belt tracking. Many of the different commodities that comprise feed products don’t work well with drum pulleys.”

From July/August 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

Self-Cleaning Boot Features

  • Adaptable to larger capacity bucket elevators.
  • 1/4-inch boot construction.
  • Available in hotdipped galvanized, stainless steel, or mild steel construction.
  • Optional air-assisted cleanout and magnets to trap metals can be applied.

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