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3DLevelScanner Provides Continuous Inventory Management, Accounts For Irregular Material Topography

BinMaster Level Controls • 800-278-4241

Scanner measures topography in segmented silos

In 2009, BinMaster introduced its 3DLevelScanner, an acoustics-based technology to measure multiple points on a material’s surface providing continuous inventory measurement that accounts for irregular material topography.

In December 2017, the company introduced new firmware for the 3DLevelScanner for measuring and modeling the topography of material in segmented silos.

According to Product Manager Mike Mossage, operations burdened with managing inventory in pie-shaped segments of silos now have a solution that provides very accurate volume data.

“Other measurement sensors, including non-contact radar, guided wave radar, or weight and cable style sensors measure only a single distance in these segments,” explains Mossage.

“The location of the filling or emptying points or lack of material flow can cause uneven piling of material, resulting in inaccurate inventory estimates.”

Accurate Data

“Having accurate data about the amount and dollar value of material on hand can help reduce safety stocks, increase inventory turns, and pay for itself by freeing up cash that could be tied up in inventory,” he adds.

“Detecting sidewall buildup also allows maintenance to be performed before it affects the silo’s center of gravity."

From January/February 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

3DLevelScanner Features

  • Non-contact measurement works in high-dust environments.
  • Can be used in conjunction with standard silos as a mixed silo solution.

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