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Product Review ... Radar Level Indicator, Monitor Technologies LLC

Monitor Technologies LLC • 800-601-6204

Monitor Technologies has introduced the RadarRight series 400 non-contact level indicator, the company's latest addition to its continuous level sensor line.

According to Marketing Manager Chris Otte, RadarRight uses industry-proven microwave pulse radar technology to provide dependable, real-time measurements for various metal or non-metal vessels.

"The indicator's small beam angle concentrates energy for high accuracy and reliability with materials having a wide range of characteristics," he says.

Otte explains that the non-contact radar can be beneficial for many applications because there is nothing to touch the material process.

“The indicator’s gimbal-style (swivel) process connection enables aiming the antenna for greater measurement accuracy,” he adds. “Advanced microprocessor and unique echo-processing technology enable reliable operation under a variety of process applications.”

Otte adds that pulse technology results in extremely low emission power.


• Dust protection options include an air purge or dust shield for protection in heavy-dust environments.

• Available with a variety of antennas and process connections, including small antenna diameters for easy mounting.

• Can be equipped with analog output or RS485 output with Modbus compatibility.

From March/April 2017 GRAIN JOURNAL

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