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Product Review ... Grain Dryer, Buhler Inc.

Buhler Inc. • 209-983-8400

Bühler Inc. has introduced the Eco Dry grain dryer for bulk grains like corn, wheat, rice, sunflowers and other crops.

According to Area Manager Karl Ledergerber, “the dryer offers the lowest energy consumption, gentle and uniform drying, and low dust emissions.

“The Eco Dry dryer is designed using the continuous flow principle of drying which drys the grain continuously,” explains Ledergerber. “To equally distribute the injected thermal energy across the grain, Bühler has developed and patented a grain flow inside the dryer which ensures that every kernel receives similar amounts of energy to create a homogenous drying result.”

Moisture Detection

“The Ecomation moisture control system sensors regulate drying independently of ambient temperatures and weather conditions.” he says. “It automatically runs the dryer at its optimum settings and avoids over-drying which saves energy and ensures a consistent drying result.”

Low Dust Emissions

“The dryer’s highly efficient centrifugal dedusting system that handles moist dust-laden air will reduce the residual dust content in the waste air to less than 20mg/m3,” he explains. “The centrifugal dedusting is as efficient as a usual baghouse but without the bags that could clog when cleaning moist air from a dryer.”

From November/December 2016 GRAIN JOURNAL

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