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Product Review ... Bulk Weigh System

Warrior Mfg., LLC • 320-587-5505

Warrior Mfg., LLC • Hutchinson, MN • 320-587-5505 •

Since 1978, Warrior Mfg. has produced quality products for the grain handling industry, such as its bulk weigh system that was first introduced in 2011 and has been improved continuously ever since.

According to Executive Vice President David Price, “We provide entire bulk loadout systems – scale, structure, hydraulic spout, fall safe system, control room, screener and sampler, and material handling equipment. Our biggest advantage is that we can offer a complete system, all from one source.”

Heavier, Stronger Components

“We use the heaviest and strongest components for reliability and long life, and we customize to meet your needs,” he says. “Everything is pre-wired for electrical and plumbed for hydraulic in our factory for quick and easy installation on-site.”


• Proudly built in Hutchinson, MN.

• Features four load cells for accuracy, and a complete turnkey system is customizable per customer specifications.

• NTEP-certified scales range from 10,000 bph to 80,000 bph.

• Systems can include stairs or ladders, customized control or grade rooms, and liners in the cones on a scale system.

From November/December 2021 Grain Journal Issue

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Hutchinson, MN

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