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Product Review... BinMaster Radar Level Indicator

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BinMaster • Lincoln, NE • 800-278-4241 •

In October 2020, BinMaster introduced a new line of compact, non-contact radar (CNCR) level sensors, which are designed primarily to measure liquids in smaller tanks, including fuels, fertilizer, chemicals, oils, and additives.

According to Regional Sales Manager-Midwest Scott Bonine, “CNCR level sensors are affordable and compact sensors that can be viewed on BinView® software. Models are available for use in 26-, 49-, and 98-foot bins, and it’s easy to set up and program the sensors using Bluetooth and the Wireless Device Configurator app on a smartphone or tablet. If you can order takeout food on your phone, you can set up your sensor.”

Flexible Mounting Options

“We also offer a number of mounting brackets that enable numerous flexible mounting options,” says Bonine, “and these systems don’t require wiring or an electrician. They can even be mounted to measure liquid levels through the wall of a plastic tank.”


• Easy Bluetooth and Wireless Device Configurator app setup.

• Powerful 80 GHz technology provides a high level of accuracy in steamy or turbulent tanks.

• No dead zone – measures up to the face of the sensor.

• BinView® software compatibility and ingress protection makes it perfect for outside use in heat and wind.

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