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Decker Consulting & Investigations Concrete Silo Side Entry Lifeline/Retrieval System

Decker Consulting & Investigations • 217-259-5325

System designed for safe concrete silo entry during cleanout

Decker Consulting & Investigations in late February introduced its Concrete Silo Side Entry Lifeline/Retrieval System, which is designed for safe concrete silo entry primarily during cleanout.

According to President and Owner Jeff Decker, “We developed this product after realizing there was nothing on the market that allowed for safe entry into concrete silos using a silo’s side door. Other systems available require you to climb the tank and enter from the top, which is inefficient when the silo is largely empty.”

System Functionality

“The system is designed for one person to operate and one person to enter, and the attendant on the outside has control to bring the worker up and out of a silo in the case of emergency,” says Decker.

“The system keeps tension on the man-rated winch, wherever the entrant goes, so the 100-foot stainless steel cable isn’t on the grain surface. And because it’s portable, it can be moved and used on other silos eliminating the need to buy multiple systems,” he adds.

From May/June 2017 GRAIN JOURNAL

Product Features

  • Lightweight, modular system is easy to install.
  • Portable system is less expensive than using a fixed system for each silo and can be removed to protect against weather and dust.
  • Allows entry through a silo side door to rescue an entrant out and down to the ground.

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Lerna, IL

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