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Neogen Raptor Provides Flexible, Accurate Testing

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System can analyze up to three samples simultaneously or seperately

In February 2018, Neogen introduced the Raptor® Integrated Analysis Platform, a lateral flow test strip reader with built-in incubation.

According to Market Development Manager Bryan Sable, the Raptor system provides an easy way to objectively analyze and store the results of Neogen’s lateral flow tests.

“The Raptor system provides flexibility and makes lateral flow tests for grains accurate and very easy to run, but they can be difficult to manage if you need to have multiple readers on your bench,” says Market Development Manager Bryan Sable. “Because the Raptor system is capable of analyzing up to three samples independently and simultaneously, it’s like having three readers in one.”

Permanent Documentation

Sable adds, “Raptor allows users to add samples and walk away. The system controls the timing, temperature, and flow of the test strips and also records a picture of each strip’s results for permanent documentation, which greatly streamlines the tester’s workflow.”

Reprinted from Grain Journal September/October 2018 Issue

Mycotoxin Testing Features

  • Compatible with Neogen’s Reveal® Q+ DON and Reveal Q+ MAX.
  • Running conditions, timing, temperature, and flow of the test strips are closely monitored.
  • Records a picture of each strip’s results for permanent documentation.
  • Seamlessly integrates testing data and sets up exporting options.

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