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Magnetic Spout Patch Fast, Easy to Use

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Self-adjusting patch allows single-person application

KC Supply Co. introduced the self-adjusting magnetic patch in July 2018. The patch features extremely powerful magnets to adhere to clean steel surface chutes, pipes, troughs and spouts with rounded profiles.

According to Owner and President Scott Moseley, “These patches provide a fast and easy way to patch any spout that is 6-in. diameter or larger without using tools or adhesive. Just snap it on, and you’re back in business. If you can touch the hole, you can fix it literally in seconds with a single-person application.”

Fast Temporary Fix

“Patent-pending self-adjusting magnetic patches provide a fast temporary fix and all temperature adhesion for non-pressurized applications,” says Moseley. “They are available in 6-inch-x-6-inch and 12-inch-x-12-inch sizes. The galvanized outer sheet is standard, while stainless steel outer sheets are available by special order.”

Reprinted from Grain Journal November/December 2018 Issue

Magnetic Spout Patch Features

  • Optional, replaceable liners include urethane (highest wear resistance), neoprene (best dust seal and good wear resistance), and Teflon (food grade and applications over 160 F).
  • For non-pressurized applications.
  • Inexpensive solution to prevent lengthy shutdowns.
  • Available in stock and can be shipped overnight.
  • Made in the United States.

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