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Rhino Hyde Magnetic Tile Patch Provides Easy, Temporary Repair For Holes

Tandem Products, Inc./Rhino Hyde Div. • 800-533-0509

Magnets provide superior holding power

Tandem Products has offered Rhino Hyde® polyurethane liners to the grain industry for more than 50 years.

In January, the company introduced its newest product – the Rhino Hyde Magnetic Patch.

The new magnetic patch is made from Rhino Hyde High Energy material with rare earth magnets embedded to ensure secure placement.

The magnetic patch provides a quick and easy temporary repair for holes on chutes, hoppers, and spouts.

According to Territory Sales Manager Joe Ademino, “Traditionally, holes have been temporarily repaired with adhesives, duct tape, or silicone. Now the magnets provide superior holding power with little or no surface preparation or down time. Simply place the patch over the hole, and you’re done.”

Reusable Patch

“The Rhino Hyde Magnetic Patch is reusable and was developed with our best lining material for the grain industry,” Ademino explains.

From January/February 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

Rhino Hyde Magnetic Tile Patch Features

  • Available in 1/2-inch-x-6-inch-x-6-inch size.
  • Magnetic – no welding, bolting, taping, or gluing needed.
  • Adheres to clean metal surface and withstands vibration and impact.
  • Unlike adhesives and tape, magnets remain secure in various climates.
  • Wire hook/handle for easy placement even in elevated or confined areas.

About Tandem Products, Inc./Rhino Hyde Div.

Minneapolis, MN

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