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Liquefied Natural Gas Safer Than Propane, Diesel

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LNG burns cleaner than diesel, easier on equipment and environment

Kinetrex Energy offers liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a reliable alternative to propane for businesses not connected to a natural gas pipeline.

LNG is used in a variety of agricultural businesses including grain elevators and milling plants.

According to Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Gallo “LNG has very stable, transparent pricing and is much more affordable compared to propane – 32% less over the last five years.

“LNG also costs less and burns cleaner than diesel,” says Gallo, “so it’s easier on equipment and better for the environment.”

Safest Energy Solution

“Because oxygen is removed during the liquefication process, LNG safer than propane and diesel and much safer than compressed natural gas,” he says.

“It’s inexpensive because the United States has such a large supply of natural gas, and price hedging is available for up to three years, so companies can have a fixed price,” he explains.

Reprinted from Grain Journal March/April 2018 Issue

Liquefied Natural Gas Features

  • LNG is affordable and price stable to remove energy cost uncertainty.
  • LNG is a safe energy solution.
  • Kinetrex is a vertically-integrated service provider, providing transport, storage tanks and regasification.
  • LNG has reduced emissions compared to diesel, so it’s better for the environment.

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