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KANALSYSTEM Bin Unloading Provide Safe Zero-Entry Bin Cleanout

North American Equipment Co., Inc. • 800-514-7608

System can unload up to 40,000 bph

The KANALSYSTEM™ bin unloading and aeration system is designed for safe, zero-entry bin cleanout and uniform airflow throughout the grain mass.

According to Sales Engineer Keith Locklin, “the KANALSYSTEM is dual-function – it works efficiently in nearly any size bin for both unloading and aeration.”

Bin unloading

“The KANALSYSTEM is self-cleaning and has no mechanical parts,” Locklin says, “so a sweep auger is not needed, and staff do not need to enter the bin during unloading.”

Locklin adds that the system can unload up to 40,000 bph for nearly any whole grain, including wheat, corn, and soybeans.


Aeration is supplied from a system of canals with directional perforated decking beneath the bin floor.

“Concrete ridges are formed between the canals at the angle required for the grain to flow to outlet gates,” he explains. “Fans and ductwork are installed on the outside of the bin, pushing air into the canals and through the decking to provide uniform airflow.”

From November/December 2017 GRAIN JOURNAL

Product Features

  • Self-cleaning for zero-entry unloading.
  • Conserves more storage space in bin compared to concrete sloped hopper.
  • Improves productivity and reduces labor costs by operating faster than most sweep augers.
  • Available for multiple bin sizes, and the number of canals varies with the bin diameter.
  • Available for new and existing bins of concrete or steel construction.

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