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SiloTrack™ Cloud Application is Intuitive Graphic Interface for Monitor Technologies' Continuous Level Sensors

Monitor Technologies LLC • 800-601-6204

App generates reports anywhere, anytime

This article is taken from the January/February 2020 GRAIN JOURNAL

In early 2019, Monitor Technologies introduced the SiloTrack™ Cloud application, a web-based remote inventory management system. SiloTrack is designed to be an intuitive graphic interface for Monitor Technologies’ line of continuous level sensors.

According to Marketing Manager Chris Otte, “SiloTrack Cloud allows users to monitor single or multiple storage vessel levels in real time and receive reports anytime from any location on any device that has internet access, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The SiloTrack app and the reports it generates are configurable to each user’s preferences.”

Latest Technologies

“SiloTrack Cloud incorporates the latest technologies,” says Otte, “and was designed with future expansions and future needs in mind so it’s as user friendly as possible. Users are able to view level measurements in real time, as well as historical data, so there’s no need to climb on the silo for updated information.

“An unlimited number of users from various departments can receive text or email alerts and customizable reports at scheduled times,” he adds.

Product Features

  • Customizable application is easily incorporated into existing operations.
  • Access is controlled through user profiles.
  • Data is encrypted and secure.
  • Measurement graphics show representation levels relative to vessel capacity.

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