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Christianson Systems, Inc. Pneumatic Conveying Systems Offered in Wide Range of Sizes

Christianson Systems, Inc. • 800-328-8896

VacBoss™ pneumatic conveyors best suited for use in grain elevators

Christianson Systems, Inc. manufactures pneumatic conveying systems in a wide range of sizes from small bulk seed conveyors to large ship unloaders for discharging ocean-going vessels at rates up to 600 metric tons per hour.

According to Sales Manager Barb Gilberts, Christianson’s VacBoss™ pneumatic conveyors, with BlowerGard™ filtration, are ideally suited for use by grain elevators.

“VacBoss is the only industrial-class pneumatic conveyor built for the demands of today’s high-volume grain operators,” she says.

“The BlowerGard filtration system virtually eliminates blower wear caused by ingesting abrasive dust.”

The newest VacBoss, says Gilberts, is the Model 6068, which features a larger blower and airlock for improved efficiency.

It has an 8-inch discharge for use with either a 6-inch or 8-inch pipe. It has a listed capacity of 5,500 bph.

From January/February 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

VacBoss Pneumatic Conveyor Features

  • Two models: Caterpillar® diesel or PTO power.
  • BlowerGard positive filtration system uses an array of MicroTub™ filters to block over 99% of abrasive dust particles.
  • A VibraShaker™ cleans the MicroTub filters by shaking the dust back into the bulk material.
  • Gentle grain handling suitable for all types of grain.
  • • Heavy-duty Quiet-Pac vacuum and pressure silencers.
  • • Diesel model comes with a highway-towable trailer.

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