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Diacon® IGR PLUS Grain Protectant Controls Stored Product From Infestations

Central Life Sciences • 800-248-7763

Protectant uses two active ingredients for convenience

In 2017, Central Life Sciences introduced a new pest control product, Diacon® IGR PLUS.

The product combines the residual control of the insect growth regulator (S)-methoprene and the insecticide deltamethrin in one product to control stored product insects.

“Diacon IGR PLUS offers the convenience of two active ingredients in one product to control insects in both adult and larval stages,” says Nancy Stratinsky, business manager-specialty agriculture division.

“It can be used for pre-bin treatments and equipment and warehouse applications, directly on grain as it goes into storage, and perimeter treatments.”

Diacon IGR PLUS Grain Protectant Features

  • CODEX-approved for the protection of stored wheat, rice, corn, and more commodities.
  • Can be applied directly to the grain stream, as an empty bin treatment, a spot crack-and-crevice treatment, a fogging concentrate, or as a surface spray.
  • Controls lesser grain borers, Indian meal moths, saw-toothed grain beetles, and many other stored product insects.
  • Available in one-quart and 2.5-gallon-size containers.

Convenient to Use

“Providing two active ingredients in one product makes it very convenient and eliminates the need for tank mixing,” she adds.

“It’s estimated that the U.S. agriculture industry loses about $2.5 billion in stored grain to insects annually, and this is another tool to control stored insects in corn, wheat, and barley.”

From January/February 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

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