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Grain Monitoring System Alerts Operators of Parameter Breaches

TeleSense Inc. • 833-472-4600

Grainsafe provides real-time analytics

TeleSense has introduced its Grainsafe™ grain monitoring system, which uses the Internet of Things (IOT) to provide a remote monitoring system, so grain storage operators can continuously monitor temperature and moisture in grain storage and receive an immediate alert if any parameter breaches the operator’s defined, acceptable range.

“At certain temperatures, high moisture content in grain can promote the growth of mold, and grains stored with high moisture levels can spoil and become unfit for food, says Naeem Zafar, founder and CEO of Telesense. “Grainsafe works in sheds, silos, bins, and bulkheads.

Flexible System

“This flexible system works in storage units with existing temperature sensing setups and those that lack temperature sensing cables,” he says. “It transmits the data to the cloud for real-time analytics, enabling remote monitoring of grain storage – even if it’s located far away.”

From September/October 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

Grain Monitoring System Features

  • Continuously monitors temperature and humidity, resulting in reduced spoilage and higher quality grain.
  • A color-coded dashboard provides a real-time view of stored grain and its current condition regardless of location.
  • Sends immediate alerts if sensor readings are outside user-defined parameters.
  • Works with existing temperature cables.

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