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Grain Monitoring System Creates 3-Dimensional Moisture Map of Stored Grain


GSI GrainViz utilizes totally new approach to grain moisture monitoring

This article is taken from the January/February 2019 GRAIN JOURNAL

Planned for spring 2019, Grain Systems Inc. (GSI) will introduce the GrainViz® grain monitoring system which the company describes as a totally new approach to monitoring grain condition in storage.

“GSI is partnering with 151 Research to revolutionize grain quality monitoring and management with the introduction of GrainViz,” says GSI Director of North American Grain Sales Roger Price. “GSI GrainViz creates a three-dimensional (3D) moisture map using technology similar to a medical MRI scan. Operators can see the moisture content of each individual bushel of grain and its location within the grain mass.”

Precise Moisture Information

“GrainViz provides very precise information about grain moisture in the bin and will allow users to overlay temperature information in 3D down to the bushel level,” adds Price. “It will also provide very accurate information on the total amount of grain in the bin, as well as the amount of bushels in the bin by percentage of moisture,” says Price.

Product Features

  • System enables precise aeration fan and heater management.
  • Provides very detailed moisture content information.
  • Enhances food and grain security by detecting unauthorized bin entry and grain removal.
  • Works with existing temperature cable systems.
  • Provides accurate grain inventory measurements.
  • Remote monitoring and management via any web-enabled device.

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