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Gear Reducer Saves Time, Reduces Costs

Variable Automation & Manufacturing • 877-827-2434

FLEXBLOC is maintenance-free, completely sealed

Since 2012, Variable Automation and Manufacturing has sold the NORD Gear FLEXBLOC™ gear reducer. The FLEXBLOC provides flexibility with 12 configurations from a single standard block.

“The FLEXBLOC gear reducer works great to update slide gates from a pull chain to easy motor or automatic operation. Bin owners can replace older belt drives on sweep augers to direct drives with improved efficiencies,” says President Chad Wolfensperger. “The FLEXBLOC improves safety, because most older belt-driven equipment is not explosion proof.”

Reduced Costs

“Adding a long-lasting gear reducer saves time and reduces costs by eliminating the need to change belts that can burn up or break,” adds Wolfensperger. “The FLEXBLOC is designed to be maintenance-free and completely sealed. The FLEXBLOC also can eliminate potential downtime and reduce labor costs in colder climates where cables and gates can stick or freeze.”

From July/August 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

Gear Reducer Features

  • Improved flexibility with 12 possible configurations in one product to meet varied customer needs.
  • Durable, long-lasting gear reducer reduces labor costs and downtime by eliminating belt replacement.
  • Factory-filled with food-grade synthetic lubricant for the life of the product.
  • Improved efficiencies up to 93% with some configurations.

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