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EXTRON Ground Pile Management System Allows Customers to Monitor Temperature and CO2 Levels

EXTRON AgTECT • 763-544-4197

System evaluates weather and wind speed to ensure tarps stay on piles

This article is taken from July/August 2020 GRAIN JOURNAL


Founded in 1972, EXTRON AgTECT provides engineered solutions to the industrial and agriculture industries. In July 2020, the company introduced the updated EXTRON Ground Pile Management System that allows customers to monitor temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2) and control fan speed for energy savings.

According to Senior Vice President Mark Schwab, “An alarm system sends text messages about rising temperatures or CO2 level trends in the pile, and customers have access to critical system parameters, including the amount of current the motors are putting out. The ground pile management system also features improved fan motor bearing protection. In the past, a major cause of fan motor failure has been due to bearing failure.”

Weather and Wind Speed

“The system evaluates weather and wind speed from an on-site anemometer plus weather data from the closest NOAA weather station. This helps ensure keeping the tarp on the pile,” explains Schwab.

Product Features

  • A new enclosure provides better protection for your fan motors and a line reactor to minimize electrical noise such as voltage spikes and reduce power line distortion from VFDs.
  • The system monitors temperature, CO2 and quantitative trend lines.
  • Alarms provide early warning by sending texts to your smartphones.
  • Wireless temperature cables inserted 25 feet into the pile provide five readings every two hours.


Minneapolis, MN

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