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Warrior Mfg. Enclosed Belt Conveyor Designed to be More Economical, Durable

Warrior Mfg., LLC • 320-587-5505

Conveyor features heavy-duty ¼-inch standard spool-type idlers

In February, Warrior Mfg. introduced an enclosed belt conveyor to its line of material handling equipment.

According to Executive Vice President Tom Schroeder, the enclosed belt conveyor is designed to be more economical and durable than competitive belt conveyors and features heavy-duty ¼-inch standard spool-type idlers.

“The Warrior enclosed belt conveyor enhances safety by preventing dust in the facility,” explains Schroeder.

“It has ¼-inch thick idlers and heavy-duty ½-inch UHMW bottom standard for longer wear. The 7-gauge hot-dipped head and tail sections are designed for long life.”

Schroeder adds that the Chevron wing tail pulley enables more efficient loading and better tail cleaning.

Customizable for Special Installations

“To meet the needs of our customers, we have the ability to customize the enclosed belt conveyor for special installations,” adds Schroeder. “Full-width inspection doors at the head and tail enable easy monitoring for less down time and maximum productivity.”

From May/June 2017 GRAIN JOURNAL

Product Features

  • Larger belt edge distance for more forgiving loading.
  • Threaded concentric hub for true spinning idlers.
  • Recessed bottom fasteners for full wear thickness of bottom liner.
  • Side panels reinforced with a bearing bracket.

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