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Armor Digital Truck Scale Features 135 Ton Capacity

Cardinal Scale Mfg Co. • 800-441-4237

Smart-Cell load cells designed to last a lifetime

In December 2017, Cardinal Scale Mfg. introduced its ARMOR® series of digital truck scales with SmartCell® load cells.

According to Vice President of Marketing Jonathan Sabo, ARMOR digital truck scales feature 135-ton capacity, 50-ton concentrated load capacity, no moving parts below the ARMOR weighbridge (including the load cells), more structural steel than competitors, SmartCell stainless steel waterproof digital load cells, and IoT-enabled iSite remote monitoring software for email and/or text alerts.

“Our new ARMOR series digital truck scales with SmartCell load cells offer unmatched performance and are built to last a lifetime of heavy-duty weighing use,” he says.

“Every facet of the digital truck scale weighbridge and electronics has been built specifically for long-lasting endurance, minimal upkeep, and IoT monitoring convenience.”

Stainless Steel Digital Load Cells

“Each waterproof stainless steel digital load cell is encapsulated completely and filled with a potting compound to fill all internal voids and prevent any potential for moisture entering the load cell and causing premature failure,” Sabo adds.

From January/February 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

ARMOR Digital Truck Scale Features

  • No moving parts below the scale deck, including load cells; eliminates buildup failures due to corrosion, sediment, and debris.
  • Heavyweight 50-ton CLC is standard.
  • Suitable for low-profile or pit installations.

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