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Cordless Intrinsically Safe Work Light Perfect for Dusty Environments

M&M Specialty Services, LLC. • 913-705-0690

Nightstick XPR-5592GX area light portable, easy-to-use

M&M Specialty Services in March added the Nightstick XOR-5592GX intrinsically safe rechargeable multifunction area light to its line of safety equipment.

According to Service and Sales Associate Mike Morgan, the Nightstick area light is the first rechargeable high-output work light that's intrinsically safe, making it perfect for dusty environments.

"This powerful, high-output area light is rechargeable, so it's portable and easy to use with no cords to worry about," explains Morgan. "It provides four hours of run time at 1,000 lumens, and eight hours of run time at 500 lumens, so it's great for working in tunnels, bins, and pits - wherever you need a portable, safe, bright light."

Game Changer

"This is an excellent tool, and it's a game changer to have an incredibly bright, cordless light that's intrinsically safe," adds Morgan. "An integrated lithium-ion battery and powerful LEDs produce an incredibly bright floodlight pattern over a wide area, and the super powerful magnetic base attaches to any ferrous metal.

From May/June 2019 GRAIN JOURNAL


  • Certified intrinsically safe: Class 1-3, Div. 1-3.
  • IP-67 water and dust proof for long life.
  • Includes AC/DC recharging cords and blow molded case.
  • IP-67 water and dust proof.
  • Powerful magnetic multi-angle swivel base gets the light right where you need it.
  • Optional 6-foot tripod stand exponentially increases utility.

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