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Weigh-in-Motion Vehicle Scale Can Weigh Any Length Vehicle

Cardinal Scale Mfg Co. • 800-441-4237

Scale occupies only fraction of space of standard scales

This article is taken from the March/April 2020 GRAIN JOURNAL

Cardinal Scale was founded in 1950 to meet the grain industry’s need for a line of special capacity scales. In 2012, the company introduced its slow-speed, weigh-in-motion (SWIM) vehicle scale.

According to SWIM Sales Manager Sam Wimsett, “The SWIM vehicle scale’s small footprint means it occupies only a small fraction of the space needed for a full-length, static truck scale. Unlike a static scale, there’s no limit to the length of vehicle that can be measured.”

Time-Saving Design

“The SWIM vehicle scale saves time,” explains Wimsett, “because it weighs vehicles without the need for them to stop, and it also provides information about the number of axles and the individual axle weights – useful information if there are concerns about weight distribution and wheel loads.”

Product Features

  • Four durable, highly accurate 50,000-pound-capacity stainless steel compression load cells.
  • Includes an 825 Spectrum full-color indicator with weigh-in-motion software and a ticket printer.
  • Fully welded heavy-capacity steel weighbridge can weigh vehicles at speeds of up to 10 mph.
  • Scale electronics are mounted above ground outside of the scale pit, and the standard 12-foot-wide weighing platform can be customized to 10-foot or 14-foot widths.

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