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Bulk Weighers Designed for Speed, Accuracy

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Scale maximizes loads without overloading

For over 30 years, C&A Scale Service has manufactured and installed truck, track, and bulk weigh scales and controllers.

The company’s NTEP-approved bulk weigh loadout systems are designed for speed and accuracy when loading or unloading grain in railcars, trucks, or shipping containers.

According to Project Manager and Part Owner Keith Clausen, “Our bulk weighers are designed and built to be easy to maintain and easy to work on in the future. They also integrate with our loadout spouts and sampling systems to provide precise hopper system control for improved turnaround times with minimal operator intervention.”

Maximize Loads

“Our bulk weighers are easy to use and continuously weigh inflow and outflow to maximize loads without overloading to avoid Department of Transportation fines and unsafe situations,” adds Clausen. “These systems ensure fast, precise, and reliable bulk weighing operations for improved production and efficiency.”

Reprinted from GRAIN JOURNAL January/February 2019 Issue


  • Available in custom sizes.
  • Over-sized inspection platforms are designed for easy maintenance.
  • All-electric system is available for accurate use in cold weather regions.
  • Sizes range from 1,000 to 80,000 bph.
  • Plumbed and wired in factory with standard hydraulic-operated testing devices.

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