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Smart-Flo Variable Frequency Drive System Saves Energy and Reduces Grain Damage

Walinga USA Inc. • 800-466-1197

Ultra-Veyor with Smart-Flo moves grain only as fast as necessary

Walinga’s Ultra-Veyor bulk transfer system is designed to move grain by air up to 2,100 bph.

In 2016, Walinga introduced its Smart-Flo™ variable frequency drive system that, according to Marketing and Advertising Manager Jonathan Medemblik, works with the Ultra-Veyor to save energy and reduce grain damage by adjusting the blower speed automatically depending on grain flow.

“The Ultra-Veyor with Smart-Flo moves grain only as fast as it needs to rather than running full speed all the time,” says Medemblik.

“This extends the life of elbows, tubing, and piping while also reducing grain damage. This system optimizes efficiency, reducing energy costs by 20-30% and moves bulk product virtually dust- and damage-free without using heavy augers or booms.”

Customizable for Special Installations

“The Smart-Flo variable frequency drive system features a sensor and PLC that monitor the system continually, adjusting air speeds to maximize transfer capacity and maintain bulk material integrity,” he adds.

“This is a completely self-contained system that can be run independently of an input system, such as a grain dryer.”

From November/December 2017 GRAIN JOURNAL

Ultra-Veyor Smart-Flo Features

  • Automatically adjusts motor speed to optimize performance and reduce energy costs and grain damage.
  • Maintenance is performed at ground level with easy access to all filters, belts, and lubrication points.
  • System works with existing Walinga air systems, as well as those made by other manufacturers.

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