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Bucket Elevator Maximizes Bucket Fill, Increases Handling Capacity

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10-inch projection buckets easy to fill uniformly

Union Iron has built material handling equipment for the grain industry for more than 160 years. In spring 2017, the company introduced the Union Iron 10-inch projection bucket elevator.

“Using a deeper bucket elevator leg casing enables the use of buckets with a 10-inch projection,” says General Manager David Wernsing. “The 10-inch projection bucket elevator maximizes bucket fill and provides higher handling capacity with fewer rows of buckets. Earlier versions of this product were limited to 8-inch projection buckets.”

Lower Costs, Higher Efficiency

“Using 10-inch projection buckets makes it easier to fill the buckets uniformly,” he explains. “It also decreases the footprint of the bucket elevator and lowers costs by reducing the amount of steel required and hastens installation. The 10-inch projection buckets also limit or decrease grain damage by providing gentler grain handling.”

Reprinted from GRAIN JOURNAL January/February 2019 Issue

Product Features

  • Allows higher handling capacities at a lower cost and a smaller elevator footprint.
  • Buckets are available in 16-inch through 28-inch widths in standard and low profile models.
  • Reduces costs by decreasing the amount of steel and the number of buckets required.
  • Coating options include standard powdered coat, stainless steel, and plus-coat (zinc-based powder primer with powder coat finish).

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