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DustAlarm Improves Safety, Protects Workers

Monitor Technologies LLC • 800-601-6204

Broken bag detector provides accurate dust management

In late 2017, Monitor Technologies introduced the DustAlarm® ES broken bag detector.

It is Monitor’s next generation dust detection and alarm system designed to improve safety and protect workers by detecting dust emission leaks and broken bags in dust collection systems.

According to Marketing Manager Chris Otte, “The DustAlarm ES uses proven AC Triboelectric technology and advanced algorithms to provide very accurate dust measurement. The ES stands for ‘easy setup,’ and the DustAlarm ES has a push-button calibration system that automatically sets a baseline dust level. It also has pre-set alarm notifications and a critical high-dust alarm.”

Highly Accurate

“DustAlarm ES is highly accurate and provides excellent repeatability,” adds Otte. “It’s not affected by variations in process temperature, pressure, or relative humidity.”

Monitor also recently released the DustTrend™ ES dust emission trend monitor. In addition to the DustAlarm ES functions, Otte says, it provides continuous trend measurements via 4-20 mA output that can be tied to a company’s PLC to capture dust emission history and create reports.

From May/June 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

Broken Dust Bag Detector Features

  • Automatic setup function provides easy, push-button calibration, pre-set alarms, and a critical high-dust alarm.
  • Quick connect mounting for easy installation.
  • Provides economical dust monitoring compared to opacity detection system.
  • Software to set custom alarms and view current dust activity.

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