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Guided Wave Radar Provides Precise, Continuous Liquid Level Measurement

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GWR-3000 designed for long service life, even in challenging liquids

In May, BinMaster introduced the GWR-3000 guided wave radar for liquids. The GWR-3000 is ideal for precise, continuous level measurement of water, wastewater, oils, fuels, and many chemicals in storage vessels, standpipes, separators, and tanks up to 75 feet tall.

According to Regional Sales Manager for Western States Nate Loseke, “The GWR-3000 is completely customized for each vessel and is available with plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel in single- or double-chamber housings. It also features either a cable or rod customized to a specific length.”

Long Service Life

“The GWR-3000 is designed for a long service life,” says Loseke, “even in the most challenging liquids. Wetted parts are made of stainless steel for durability in caustic materials.

“High-quality, chemical-resistant seals are made of FKM, FFKM or EPDM for longevity over the life of the sensor,” he adds.

Reprinted from GRAIN JOURNAL May/June 2020 Issue

Product Features

  • Durable design suitable for agricultural chemicals, liquid fertilizer, and fuels.
  • Protection ratings for IP 66, IP 67, or IP 68, depending on the model selected for use in ordinary locations or with hazardous location approvals.
  • Built in diagnostics for easy troubleshooting.
  • Compatible with BinView remote monitoring software, enabling real-time tank level readings on a phone, tablet, or PC.

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