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Bin Sweep Back Plate Brush Can Be Attached To Most Sweep Augers

Variable Automation & Manufacturing • 877-827-2434

Brush provides alternative to buying new paddle sweep

Variable Automation and Manufacturing’s Variable Back Plate Brush (VBPB) is a 1-inch nylon brush that attaches to the bottom of a sweep auger to sweep up grain.

According to President Chad Wolfensperger, “The durable VBPB is an alternative to buying a new paddle sweep, and it has a 2-inch adjustment, so it can be attached to most existing sweep augers to sweep up any remaining grain in the bottom of the bin.”

Enhanced Safety

“Adding the VBPB to a sweep auger improves safety by reducing the need for employees to be in the bin during sweeping operations and reduces labor costs by eliminating the need for coworkers to monitor bin entry,” explains Wolfensperger. “Because the VBPB is highly effective, it reduces the urge felt by employees to enter the bin to finish sweeping,” he adds.

From May/June 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

Bin Sweep Back Plate Brush Features

  • Adjustable brush is flexible yet stiff enough to provide excellent bin cleaning.
  • Nylon provides excellent abrasion resistance and shelf life to make for a long lasting brush.
  • Nylon bristles have great recovery, so they retain shape and resist fertilizer and other chemicals.
  • Available in 5-foot sections and is easy to adjust length to fit the sweep.

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